Plant-Based, Technologically Driven, Vastly Different Startups Receive $3 Billion in Investments

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There have been some recent startups giving a new look to daily menus.

A typical day may end up consisting of caffeinated cheese tea to start, or a bottle of liver boosting supplements.

Lunch could look a little something like tuna salad minus the tuna, or chicken breast from a lab that cultures poultry cells. Maybe a brownie with some extra protein?

Don’t forget about dinner, freshly baked pizza from a robot chef. Followed by high fiber gummy bears with very little sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

This interesting day of meals stems from products that are either now available or are under development, at food and beverage companies that raised venture and seed funding within this past year.

These startups have gained about three billion dollars globally of disclosed investment over the past 12 months. Here are some highlights of food and beverage trends you can expect to see coming soon.

Alternative Proteins

There have been at least eight startups working to develop plant-based alternative proteins that closed rounds this past year. Protein lovers can now have options of meat created in a lab, fishless fish, or fast-food chicken nuggets sans chicken.

Currently, more than $600 million in reported funding has gone to alternative protein startups.

Within the past few months, there has been a particular interest in lab-grown meat. Two startups Foodable has previously covered, Memphis Meats and Wild Type, have received multi-million dollar rounds this year.

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Robot Chefs

The future is bright with technological advances. So it’s no surprise to see investors interested in technology-driven startups. Silicon Valley’s Zume Pizza for one has secured $48 million last year for its pizza-making robots.

These startups are all in early stages of development, and may not stick. But looking towards the future, our meals very well may be high protein, with low sugar, and created by robots.

For more information on which startups received funding, read more at “TechCrunch”.