Brunch Salmon Recipe: Seafood Versatility At The Center of The Plate

Featuring Faroe Island Salmon sourced from High Liner Foods, Executive Chef Jim Pastor, and Paul Barron discuss the growing demand for seafood and showcase seafood's versatility with a chef-inspired recipe for a brunch menu application.

Seafood is on trend right now, and there are many reasons for that. Certain species, like Salmon, are one of the most sustainable proteins available to restaurants and consumers. It is also relatively well known that there are health benefits attributed to consuming more seafood. Chefs are innovating and paying close attention to their customer's wants and needs. As a result, we are seeing more seafood at the center of the plate.

Foodable Labs reports Love for seafood is on the rise, especially among millennials. Seafood has increased by 24.7% in social mentions by food influencers, showing the most improvement out of all proteins measured. There are many reasons to incorporate more seafood onto your menus.  But, don't take my word for it... 

In this episode of Foodable Smart Kitchen and Bar, we meet with Eastern Regional Chef for Specialty Restaurants Corporation and Executive Chef of the Rusty Pelican, Jim Pastor.  Born in New York City and raised by Costa Rican parents, Jim Pastor's passion for food is worldly and instilled in him at an early age. After starting his career at Hyatt Regency and Atrio, Chef Pastor brought his talents to Miami, Florida to lead the culinary team at the iconic Rusty Pelican.

Pan-seared premium Faroe Island Salmon | Chive and dill potato cakes | Coconut glazed organic baby carrots | Fried egg

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Salmon Fillet: 
Faroe Island Salmon - 6 oz
Salt - TT
Canola Oil - 1 oz
Directions: Season fish with salt. Heat Pan on high heat and sear flesh side down until golden brown reducing heat if necessary so the fish doesn't scorch or burn.

Potato Cakes:
Yukon Gold Potato - 2 ea
Egg Whites - 4 whites
Corn Starch - 1 cup
Chives - fine diced
Dill - chopped
Cayenne - pinch
Paprika - pinch
S&P - TT
Canola Oil - 3 cups
Directions: Peel the potatoes then take a coarse box grater and shred the potatoes.  Fold in the rest of the ingredients and add all the seasoning. Heat a shallow pan with canola oil and make sure there's enough oil to cover the cake half way. Flip the cake over once the first side is golden brown then proceed to do the same.

Coconut Glazed Carrots:
Young Coconut - 1 ea
Organic Rainbow Carrots - 1 bundle
Sambal Oelek - 1 tsp
Honey - 2 tsp
Salt - TT
Orange Zest - ¼ zest of orange
Canola Oil - 1 oz
Directions: Crack open the coconut carefully with a heavy knife then remove the inside white flesh of the coconut the slice in strips. Clean tops of carrots and do not peel. Bring water to a bowl to par cook (blanch) the carrots. Once fork tender set aside. Heat pan on medium high heat then add the carrots and cook for 3 minutes then add the honey and sambal then cook for an additional 3 minutes or until golden brown, then fold in the coconut, zest and adjust the seasoning.

Fried Egg:
Egg - 1 ea
S&P - TT
Oil - 1 oz
Directions: Sunny side up, plate on top of the Salmon.

Be sure to watch the full episode for a full breakdown of the recipe and stay tuned for more from the Foodable Smart Kitchen and Bar Studio.