Restaurants Pinky’s Space & Cosa Buona Improve Packaging and Hold Times to Win Delivery Dollars

Diners these days are looking for ease and convenience. They want food right from the oven to their door. With apps like GrubHub, UberEATS and Seamless delivery options are easy to find.

According to a study, the number of deliveries has risen ten percent. As a result of consumers craving convenience eating at home offers over eating out, restaurants are changing the way they do business.

Pinky’s Space, a French/Southern comfort restaurant in New York City, is using the latest delivery trend to its advantage. Co-founders Mimi Blitz and Wesley Wobles opened the takeaway and delivery only restaurant earlier this year.

"We wanted to create happy meals for adults. The game plan was to have a small footprint in the city and focusing on the delivery and the takeout," said Blitz.

To help with delivery, Pinky’s Space has a fairly simple menu that consists of brisket and roasted turkey with cloud biscuits. To set itself apart from other delivery places, the restaurant uses uniquely colored packaging.

"We bring in a lot of color. ... Most restaurants, they just put it in the same kind of to-go containers and we really wanted to stand out even more," Blitz said. "You go into the restaurant and you sit down, it's all about the ambiance. In a way, our packaging brings our ambiance to your home."

Another restaurant utilizing delivery to its advantage is Los Angeles based Cosa Buona.

With about 40-50 percent of sales coming from delivery, chef Zach Pollack designed his menu to be able to hold well in transit.

"The menu is designed to be delicious, whether it hits the table in 30 seconds or, you know, hits your apartment dining room table in an hour and a half," said Pollack.

Cosa Buona isn’t Pollack’s only restaurant. Alimento, a soulful Italian restaurant, caters towards consumers who traditionally prefer to dine in. Though delivery has picked up at Alimento as well, Pollack recognizes consumer demand for both delivery and dine in. 

"I think people still go out for a very different reason," Pollack said. "People come to restaurants, engage with friends of theirs, to engage peripherally with strangers, to be served. I think that will never be replaced." 

With delivery here to stay and restaurants like Pinky’s Space and Cosa Buona available to meet consumers’ needs, how can your restaurant meet delivery demand?

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