San Diego Foodies are Lining Up at This Fast Food Concept Coined the "Vegan McDonald's"

It's safe to say that this is just the beginning of the plant-based protein trend. 

As more consumers change their dining habits to consume less meat, the more vegetarian and vegan options like Beyond Burger and Impossible Foods grow in popularity. 

At restaurants, we are seeing more and more vegan-friendly options be highlighted on menus, even in the fast food segment.

Some concepts like Plant Power are ahead of the curve. 

Foodies are willing to wait in long lines to grab a bite to eat from this San Diego-based vegan fast food joint. 

Plant Power saw instant success since opening its second location in Encinitas in 2017. 

“Yeah, we never imagined it would be like that,” said Zach Vouga, the co-founder of Plant Power, to "Thrillist." “I’ve never seen such an intense demand for something. We were slammed hour-in, hour-out, every day once we opened our doors.”

Vouga plans to open 10 new Plant Power franchises in California the next three years, two other stores are opening this year in Long Beach and Redlands. 

Jeffrey Harris, the concept's co-owner, calls the restaurant the "vegan McDonald's." 

The menu even has items like "The Big Zac" and milkshakes made with almond milk.  

Plant Power isn't strictly for vegans either, it also caters to flexitarians, those who occasionally eat meat but their diet is mostly plant-based for various reasons. 

“My fear with being a vegan restaurant is you’re stigmatized into this ‘hippie realm,’” said Vouga to "Thrillist." “We didn’t want to be that; we wanted to be a haven for people who want a burger, but maybe found out animal agriculture is a leading cause of greenhouse gasses, or who maybe had a doctor tell them to watch their cholesterol.”

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