SFA Live: Decorative Foods Go Supernatural Using Food Science

Video produced by Vanessa Rodriguez

Carmel Hagen is innovating in a space that hasn’t really changed much in 50 or so years. Decorative foods like icings and sprinkles are often seen as superfluous, and as such, not much has been done it the space to make them better. But Hagen and Supernatural are working within the niche market to create lines of decorative foods that are free of artificial colors and preservatives.

Consumers have really heralded the movement towards cleaner foods and ingredients over the years. First from their supermarkets as they stocked their kitchens but now they are demanding it from their restaurants, even their desserts.

It took Supernatural, a company dedicated to putting natural colors and decorative ingredients through the ringer, to create truly high-quality items. Hagen and her team got started in sprinkles and food colors and now they’re starting to get into piping gels and heat-resistant, plant-based food colors.

“You’re not just talking about making something red. You’re talking about finding that color in nature, figuring out how it works in heat, with light, in a pH stable or not at all kind of way and then really putting that through the paces.”

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