SFA Live: Food Incubators Keep Tech Out of Food, But In the Manufacturing Processes

Canopy Foods is a food production studio working as both a manufacturer and also as brand support, assisting with things like distribution and fulfillment.

Cheif Strategy Officer Elly Truesdell has a ton of experience growing food in the incubator space. She sits on the Board of Canopy Foods, acts as a mentor to FOOD-X and Chobani Food Incubator and acts as an advisor to Agbotic, automated Organic soil greenhouses.

In this interview, we dive into Agbotic and its role as an alternative to vertical farming. While aquaponics and vertical farming have been hailed for their efficiency, Truesdell points out her affinity for soil grown foods due to nutrient density and strives for a return to traditional farming.

In dissecting the many projects she works on, Truesdell focuses on her dedication to enhancing the products she works with, rather than simply churning them out at a high speed.

“There was that moment of a lot of tech inserting itself into food and I think after a few years of that, people have started to realize that you don’t want to put the tech in food, you want to put tech in all the sort of areas around it; the infrastructure, the support system, but specialty food should be maintained as it is.”

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