SFA Live: Olive Oil Sommelier Pitches Oil Pearls as a Tool for Chefs

Video produced by Vanessa Rodriguez

Joanne Lacina is what you would call a sommelier of olive oil. The VP of Sun Grove Foods, Lacina is responsible for importing and packaging specialty olive oils from around the world so that restaurants and chefs can get their hands on the best oils from around the globe.

At this year's Summer Fancy Food Show, Lacina was a contestant in the Front Burner Competition where she pitched her newest offering, olive oil pearls, to a panel of experts.

Aside from its pleasing visual, the pearls provide a culinary experience like no other. Olive oil pearls give chefs a new texture to work with and consumers a new experience with a long-loved product.

In addition to sharing the new pearl product with our team, Lacina dives into the expansive world of olive oil, discussing the many varietals from the many regions in which olives are grown.

“What you look for when you’re tasting an olive oil is a harmony in the bitterness, pungency, and fruitiness of the oil. Does it just feel harmonious on the palate,” Lacina explains.

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