Shake Shack Leads the Way with Local Sourcing by Partnering with Craft Beef Curator Crowd Cow

The future of the fast casual segment is quickly becoming a race to the farm!

More and more brands are seeking solutions that are starting to shift the supply chain integration on how they go to market with new menu items and new approaches when it comes to handling the demand of the new age consumer.  

Shake Shack, for example, has been one of those pioneers in bringing local products and connections to their burgeoning brand that experienced a 28% growth in total sales in 2018

According to a recent study by Foodable Labs, both local and better-for-you food items are key trends that are rising in a specific group of consumers in the 25-34 demographic. These consumers are seeking more local menu items vs other demos. They are also ordering more better-for-your menu items. There are three very clear demographics fueling the better-for-your menu demand. The18-34 demographic is leading the way and the 55+ is trailing slightly showing this trend is on a clear track to impact brands over the next decade in key spending demographics of Baby Boomers and the Gen Z and Y consumers.

Percent of Conversations

Total Conversations around local menu eclipsed 318K in the past six months with Better for you hitting over 422K in the same time period. (source

Shake Shack is taking this queue from consumers seriously with their partnership with the Craft Beef curator Crowd Cow, a company focused on bringing local farmers and their artisan proteins to the foodservice markets.  

In my conversation with Jeffrey Amoscato, vice president of supply chain and menu innovation at Shake Shack and Joe Heitzeberg, co-founder at Crowd Cow in the video above they clearly were on the same page in reaching the new consumer with a whole new strategy for locally sourced beef. As we see emerging brands looking to improve this sector of their menu and supply chain you can get a clearer picture of what you’re up against in this episode.  

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