Study Reveals Insights About Today's Wine Buyers



As we have said previously, November and December is the wine-buying season. Consumers are celebrating and these parties, dinners, get-togethers, etc almost always include libations.

But what exactly are wine buyers looking for when it comes to wine?

"Wine Intelligence" has released its US Portraits 2018 that outlines the U.S. wine market and how it is the "Holy Grail."

In the U.S. alone, there are 84 million regular wine drinkers, making the country the “most populous wine market” in the world.

"Wine Intelligence" has broken down today's wine consumer into six segments including Engaged Explorers; Premium Brand Suburbans; Contented Treaters; Social Newbies; Senior Bargain Hunters; and Kitchen Casuals.

19 percent of all wine drinkers are in the Premium Brand Suburbans group. This segment is mostly made up consumers that are middle-age to older age.

"They spend much less on a bottle of wine than most wine consumers and they are hard-wired into staying with wines and brands they know, and members in this group happen to know more about wine than any in the five other segments," writes "Forbes."

Then the Contented Treaters make up 17 percent of wine buyers. These drinkers are aged similar to the Premium Brand Suburbans group, but they have more of a disposable income and love to splurge on wine. They don't tend to drink wine as regularly though but are looking for rarer bottles of all types and care much more about where the wine comes from.

Social Newbies is the youngest group and makes up 14 percent of total wine buyers. On average, a Social Newbie consumers wine twice a week.

"Their spending is right in the middle between high and low spenders. Their wine knowledge is limited so they rely on recommendations, which means they can be a fickle market," writes "Forbes."

The segment that buys wine the most are the Engaged Explorers. This group is made up of younger populations. Accounting for 10 percent of all wine drinkers, Engaged Explorers also spend the most on high-priced wines. They are looking for unique wine styles from all countries and regions.

Read about the last group and more about these segments at "Forbes" now.

Looking for some new wine selections to add to your wine list or beverage program that are sure to attract the wine drinkers in all the segments above?

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