Sweetgreen Launches Initiative with FoodCorps to Make School Cafeterias Healthier

Besides serving healthier meals to the masses, the fast casual chain sweetgreen has just announced that it has partnered with FoodCorps to improve the food offerings in school cafeterias across the world.

The restaurant knows firsthand what an impact healthy food can make. With that in mind, the “initiative will pilot innovative ways to guide students to experiment with real food and make healthier choices for their futures.” 

Sweetgreen has pledged to donate $1M over the next two years to help make school food systems healthier yet “craveable.”

The goal is to inspire and educate students to live a healthier lifestyle by providing nutritious yet delicious meals.  

“Healthy food fuels a healthy life. When students know where their food comes from, they’re empowered to make better decisions for themselves, their families and their future,” writes sweetgreen. 

As sweetgreen points out, based on current eating habits, 1 in 3 children are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetime.

This is partly because of the lack of good food availability in the country. 23.5M Americans live in food deserts, which are areas where access to healthy affordable food options are limited or almost nonexistent.  

Sweetgreen is working with local communities in food deserts to make nutritious food more accessible.

“Working with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council’s Healthy Neighborhood Market Network, sweetgreen led a complete transformation of Hank’s Mini Market, located in one of the worst food deserts in South LA. In 2018, Hank’s Mini Market grew revenue by over 300% from 2017 to 2018,” writes sweetgreen about its efforts.

Like most fast casual brands, sweetgreen prides itself on making a positive impact on both the food system and the planet. Read more about the chain’s eco-friendly practices here now.

We have been following sweetgreen and how its redefining fast food since its start. Watch this past Fast Casual Nation episode to see how this restaurant has morphed into a lifestyle brand.