A Chef's Day Off And How to Make the Most of it

A Chef's Day Off And How to Make the Most of it

A day out of the kitchen is the opportunity to learn and explore. Most days' challenges include a broken dish machine, two call-outs, and the spastic general manager going crazy about the latest safety audit, leaving you little time to bend the pages of Bread is Gold or Food Lab or Ivan Ramen, or a kick over to the GreenMarket. 

So how do you keep up and make the most of sacred days off? 

Jostling every drop of the often-sparse time away — “What is a day off?” said Aughtum Slavin, event coordinator at Emery’s Catering in Providence — from the restaurant, it means exploring new learning opportunities, doing street-level research, and uncontrived downtime.

Books Still Rule

We love our internet connectivity and the easy answers we can fetch with it. Exploring other cooks’ narratives is often the spark to branch out. And, yes, we still love the classic, bound, page-turning, printed book format. These books should be owned to pass along to your newest restaurant kin. 

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