Cafe Josie Unveils All-You-Can-Eat Dining Option

Cafe Josie Restaurant  | Yelp, Nichole R.

Cafe Josie Restaurant | Yelp, Nichole R.

All-you-can-eat dining options are not uncommon in Austin, with a number of options available to extra-hungry locals. These restaurants, however, are generally buffet styles or are offered in a more casual dining atmosphere. At Austin's Cafe Josie, however, owner Cody Taylor has just introduced Austin's first and only fine dining prix-fix, all-you-can-eat menu.   

Celebrating their 19th year in business the March, Cafe Josie wanted to do do something special for their diners that would keep the concept fresh and interesting. Taylor and Chef Todd Havers decided to offer what they refer to as "The Experience," which allows guests to experience the entire menu (for a mere $40) while still enjoying a fine dining experience.

"I believe this is a game changer for casual fine dining, and should be a lot of fun for our diners," says Taylor. 

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