How Supermarket Foodservice Can Compete with Restaurants

How Supermarket Foodservice Can Compete with Restaurants
  • If supermarkets follow these tips they can position their business to better compete with restaurants in the fast casual segment.

  • Grocery retailers can have the real upper hand with time-saving shoppers if they amped their foodservice capabilities.

Grocery stores are uniquely positioned to compete with restaurants when it comes to serving up fresh meals.

Sure. Consumers have more choices today than they did a decade ago with the rise of restaurant openings (especially in the fast-casual segment), but supermarkets can be a one-stop-shop for time-saving shoppers.

It’s true… more and more restaurants are offering healthier options, but if grocery stores can perfect their foodservice game, they will have the real upper hand.

As Supermarket News reports, there are nine things these businesses can do to streamline their operations. Here are four that stood out to us:

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