The Evolution of the LA Arts District into a Culinary Mecca

The Evolution of the LA Arts District into a Culinary Mecca

By Justin Dolezal, Foodable Contributor

Los Angeles is a city that does not want for great dining options. It's a city rich in both established culinary traditions (taco shops, the French Dip, San Gabriel Valley Chinese) and cutting edge food trends. And, as a sprawling metropolis, Los Angeles also boosts a large and diverse list of culinary epicenters. The Hollywood to Beverly Hills corridor has long been a hotbed of haute cuisine, catering to the city's entertainment crowd. The aforementioned San Gabriel Valley boasts a seemingly endless array of authentic Asian restaurants. And the influx of wealth and affluence to the city's westside has turned formerly-sleepy Venice and Santa Monica into dining destinations as well.

It could be argued, however, than when it comes to food, these spots are all looking up at a relative new-comer to the city's dining scene, Downtown LA's Arts District. A formerly industrial area east of Los Angeles's Historic Core, the Arts District has long been a hub for the city's creative residents. While art and film work have been prevalent in the neighborhood since the late 1970s, the area's dining scene has exploded in the last few years. Today, the Arts District provides a snapshot of the contemporary dining world, on both a city and national level.

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LA Beer Week Takes Off

LA Beer Week Committee. Photo Credit:

LA Beer Week Committee. Photo Credit:

Beer. It's what's for dinner. For the next week.

We're in the midst of Los Angeles Beer Week, and there's certainly not a shortage of events. So many, in fact, that one could get overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of ales, exhibits, brewers and bars. 

Just today, for example, you can enjoy the ‘Bacon, Beer and Brewmaster Ed’ event with Angel City Brewery at On The Thirty. Or Kitchen 24’s Happy Hour Beer Garden. (You can check out all the events here.)

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Angel City Brewing's Avocado Festival

When in California, do as the Californians do.

In short, that means avocados. Lots of them. On everything. Sliced or guac'ed up. Even in your beer. Wait, what?

Photo Credit: LA Weekly

Photo Credit: LA Weekly

Angel City Brewery is hosting an Avocado Festival this Saturday from 1 pm-7 pm, and it'll showcase Dieter Foerstner's guacamole-inspired Avocado Ale. The event will also give out avocado popsicles and, naturally, there will also be a guacamole tasting and contest (count us in!).

But back to the beer. 

As LA Weekly said, "Experimental brews have become a whimsical way for brewers to attract attention to their more straight-laced selections and recruit newcomers to craft beer." Read More