How BBC is Taking Branded Content to the Next Level

How BBC is Taking Branded Content to the Next Level

Thanks to big data, content creators are able to measure results much more efficiently.

Although now we can get real-time data from the multiple digital platforms that we are publishing content on, this space has presented some challenges for marketers.

Each brand is trying to catch the attention of today's distracted consumer and to do so, digital marketers have to think outside the box.

It’s not easy to juggle multiple channels and keep up with an especially active audience, but some brands have come up with ways to connect and keep the viewer engaged.

BBC StoryWorks, the team behind BBC Global News' content marketing department, has published a study that proves to create an emotional response in video drives better results for branded content.

To measure this, StoryWorks is recording eye-tracking and facial coding of viewers.

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Food swapping: The Movement Taking Off in the UK

Photo Credit: BBC News

Photo Credit: BBC News

The UK has a new trend: food swapping. Throughout history, food has been swapped and traded via the barter system, and this new trend follows the exact same model. But this isn't just for farmers or those with home gardens - the movement is growing all over the UK - everything from ice cream and homemade sushi, to apples and wild garlic. 

The Food Swap Network started in Brooklyn, New York, and so far, 125 groups have been established across the US and Canada, from Honolulu to Boston. They are now spreading to Europe, with the UK leading the way. Read More