Michael Mina's Tailgate Experience at Levi's® Stadium

Michael Mina's Tailgate Experience at Levi's® Stadium
  • Chef Michael Mina used to tailgate at the old 49ers stadium, so it made perfect sense to open the Michael Mina's Tailgate at the Levi's Stadium. 

  • Ken Schwartz, FCSI consultant helped to design the concept's seafood boiling stations and all the custom kitchen equipment.

Football season is back and with it comes amazing food, amazing fans, and of course, a whole lot of showmanship. In this episode of “BUILT.,” see the sights and the sounds of Michael Mina's Tailgate experience at the San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s® Stadium and learn how passion and vision can come together to create a foodservice operation that doesn't shy away from going big! (The only “going home” is guests going home happy.)

Levi’s® Stadium officially opened its doors on Sept. 14, 2014, when the 49ers took on the Chicago Bears. The state-of-the-art, 1.3 billion-dollar-stadium-seat venue (that can fit just below 70,000 people) has 8,500 club seats and 165 luxury suites. That is a lot of mouths to feed. When the stadium was in its early design phases, the York family, who own the 49ers, knew that they wanted to elevate the foodservice operation. So, they reached out to James Beard Award-winning chef and avid 49ers fan Michael Mina.

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Foodable Network Publishes New Episodes of BUILT and Sustain on ITunes

Foodabletv.com isn’t the only place you can find the latest episodes of the shows, BUILT and Sustain, they are also now available on ITunes, along with other Foodable WebTV Network shows.

"We are working hard to develop a new genre of content for food, restaurant and hospitality professionals and enthusiasts here at Foodable,” said Paul Barron, CEO and executive producer at Foodable WebTV Network. “On-demand will continue to be in our distribution strategy, with it and social proving to be a perfect match for our content. Add this to our proprietary audience acquisition model and the fact that data costs have lowered for high-quality video streaming, on-demand is the future, and Foodable is leading the way.”

It’s this day and age, there are so many different outlets to view content. The network is making sure its audience is able to view their favorite Foodable shows on-the-go and on multiple different outlets, currently including ITunes, Facebook, Twitter. 

This is just the beginning also, Foodable will be releasing its documentary Fast Casual Nation on Netflix and Amazon later this year. These may not be the only other places to see Foodable’s in-depth series either. The publication and production company is always on the look-out for the latest streaming platform. 

Although both BUILT and Sustain are both part of a new genre by Foodable WebTV Network, “docutainment” series that are educational, yet entertaining, their subject matter is quite different. 

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FoodableTV's Newly Introduced "BUILT." Explores Houston's Market Square

In this premier episode of BUILT., Chris Tripoli and Bob Eury, executive director at the Houston Downtown Management District (HDMD), take us through the process of revitalizing Market Square in Houston, Texas, a small, old, established park in the downtown area that serves both a small residential community as well as nearby Monday-thru-Friday employees.

“The philosophy behind the redevelopment of the park was to incorporate the history of the site but also to respect the artistic intent and engagement of artists,” says Eury. “At the same time, was to really make it the thriving public square for the residential neighborhood.”

To achieve this revitalization, Eury reached out to Tripoli early on to figure out whether foodservice might play a role in the project. “We had very little experience in foodservice,” says Eury. “And I think we realized that this is one of those things where we wanted to get it right from the start.”