Jeff Bezos-Backed Farm Aims to Revolutionize Conventional Agriculture

Jeff Bezos-Backed Farm Aims to Revolutionize Conventional Agriculture

Foodable has reported on indoor vertical farming in the past, but this startup is getting a major boost early on as it expands to compete in new markets.

Plenty, a Bay Area-based, vertical farming startup, will be expanding into Washington state with the help of a $200 million investment from this summer.

The company is backed by Jeff Bezos among other investors, and it has set plans to open a 100,000-square-foot warehouse in greater Seattle area— in Kent, Washington, to be exact— to become Plenty’s second vertical farm location. The new facility will be twice the size of the original one.

Out of all the vertical farming startups, this company has been able to raise the most money. However, what is most significant about Plenty is not its ability to appeal to investors, but the fact that it will be able to grow 4.5 million pounds of greens annually.

As reported by “Business Insider,” the amount of produce that will be grown in this new facility will be “enough to feed around 183,600 Americans, according to the USDA.”

Founded in 2014, Plenty “claims to grow up to 350 times more greens than conventional farms of similar size, while using much less water and land,” according to “Business Insider.”

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NorCal Based Farmigo is Changing the Game for Local Farms

Founded in 2009, Farmigo is an online farmers market that directly connects consumers to local farms. Farm-fresh groceries can be ordered through the marketplace, and are available for pickup at select “food communities” nearby. Farmigo, which is currently available in New York, New Jersey, Seattle-Tacoma, and Northern California, recently raised $16M in a Series B round in Q3 2015 and has, since inception, raised a total of $26M.

Below, check out a sneak peek of our upcoming “On Foodable Side Dish” episode, featuring Farmigo and Gotham Greens.

Sonoma Beverage Programs Highlight Seasonal Flavors

Sonoma Beverage Programs Highlight Seasonal Flavors

By L.M. Archer, Foodable Contributor

Harvest time in Sonoma highlights the bounty of this world-class food and wine destination. It’s also an opportunity for local bars to strut their stuff and showcase seasonal flavors.

Here, Foodable TV shares a fresh sheet of five of Sonoma favorite top-flight bars.

Glen Ellen Inn | Glen Ellen, CA.

In food and wine-centric Sonoma, out-of-the-way Glen Ellen Inn slake the thirst of loyal regulars and appreciative visitors with a heady list of seasonal martinis. Consumers flock for creative concoctions like ‘Exotic Erotic Martini’(vodka, apple, jalapeño essence, sugar rim), Girl Scout’ (vodka, Godiva chocolate, peppermint schnapps, on the rocks), ‘Haute Chocolate’ (jalapeño vodka, chocolate liquor, cheery, cayenne), ‘Sexy Beast’ (aka: dirty Gin Martini, straight up, with olives), ‘Twisted Sister’ (vodka, St. Germain, champagne, lemon juice, vodka, and lime), and ‘X-Rated’(vodka, Blood Orange, Mango and Passionfruit.)

Barkeeps stock the back with plenty of premium vodkas and gins for those who like their martinis straight up. At last count, vodkas topped out at nearly forty top-drawer labels like Absolut, plus exotics like Sweden’s Pinky Grain with rose petals, Russia’s Imperia Grain, and Idaho’s Blue Ice Potato. Premium gins run the gamut from England’s Boodles, to San Francisco’s Junipero, and Oregon’s Uncle Val’s.

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La Cocina Es Su Cocina: A Glimpse Into SF's Low-Income Food Entrepreneurs

In a colorful, bustling city filled with culinary delight breeds big, seemingly far-off dreams of low-income food entrepreneurs. Nestled amidst San Francisco's Mission District lies hope, giving these types of startups a boost.

La Cocina (if you didn't pass high school Spanish, this means "kitchen") is a nonprofit that gives low-income food entrepreneurs in the Bay Area access to equipment, mentoring, industrial kitchens, and capital. The program has become a booming cornerstone, and takes only 30 up-and-comers at a time. Read More


Foodable WebTV Network |   Photo Credit: La Cocina via The Salt

Foodable WebTV Network |  Photo Credit: La Cocina via The Salt