Learn How Leadership Roles Vary Across Companies, While Still Catering To Fiscal Goals

Learn How Leadership Roles Vary Across Companies, While Still Catering To Fiscal Goals

The responsibilities of leadership, hmmm, not a small topic.  

Regardless of the to do list, resolutely clear is that actions and behavior are important.  This writer’s belief is that Culture equals Brand and Brand experience is Culture.   Inspiration, harassment, high performance or not, all come from leadership.  Brand Experience (internal for staff or external for our customers and guests) really is Culture.   What we accept, what we don’t, what we support or don’t support, all flows from Leadership.  

Our focus on leadership is also important because, at the operations level, regardless of industry segment, managers are leaders by default.  Management and Leadership are both the same and different in many ways.  It’s rare to talk about the nuances, and even rarer to train leadership skills definitively.   

In this second of a three-part series, my intention is to build on what I shared on leadership expectations from experience with over 1,000 operators over thirty years. In this edition, you’ll hear the opinions of three C-suite leaders from very Brand Conscious Companies regarding leadership, management and growth.

On my “leadership panel,” you will meet the following people:

  • Adam Reed, COO of Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar’s parent company, Big Red F residing in Boulder, Co.

  • Nick Sarillo, founder and president of Chicago-based Nick’s Pizza & Pub, the number six highest producing independent pizza chain in the US; and

  • “Brandon,” COO of a Seattle-based publicly traded international QSR, who’s asked to remain anonymous   

Their answers may surprise you.   

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Forthcoming Stanley Marketplace Already Attracting Popular Denver Restaurants

Stanley Marketplace  | Facebook

Stanley Marketplace | Facebook

Not set to open until the spring of 2016, the forthcoming Stanley Marketplace is already attracting major culinary talent looking to begin serving in this new culinary focused urban market. Already confirmed to be opening up shop inside the marketplace are GoodBird Kitchen, a Big Red F Restaurant Group restaurant, as well as Rosenberg's Bagels and Delicatessen.

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