How Marketers are Now Branding Cocktails

Foamy designs on a coffee or cocktail often dazzle guests. They can't help but to immediately take out their phones to document the beverage art to share on social media.

With that in mind, marketers are working with bars, restaurants, and events to advertise with logo imprints in cocktails.

Not only are these cocktails a branded touchpoint but it often fosters organic social media action and engagement.

“There’s value in being able to showcase your brand on social media,” said Cody Goldstein, the founder of Muddling Memories to "SevenFifty Daily" “Guests immediately take a photo and put it on Instagram. When you see the cocktail with the branding of the company, it ties it all together.”

But marketers aren't the only ones jumping on the branding drink bandwagons. These adorned drinks are becoming more popular at weddings and other parties.

There are a few ways these logos or images are showcased on cocktails. One is with edible printing.

"This option offers the most elaborate presentation choices: Special printers and edible ink are used to print images on thin “sugar sheets” or rounds of rice paper or “wafer paper” that dissolve into drinks, or to print images directly on top of cream or foam," writes "SevenFifty Daily"

These sugar sheets allow for even full photographs to be melted on to cocktails or coffee beverages. This technology has been around for a while but wasn't approved by the FDA until quite recently, according to Van Kolors, a co-owner of Ink4Cakes that launched its Top Melts beverage line last year.

Top Melts only does large orders and makes 10,000 to 20,000 sugar sheets for cocktails a month, each cost about 23 to 30 cents per unit.

Another technique being used for beverages is branding ice cubes. Laser etching of ice makes a design in the interior of an ice cube. The logo remains in the beverage for much longer, but this method is pretty costly.

Then there's ice stamping, where a logo or design can be added to an ice cube.

Learn about the other ways that beverages are being branded at "SevenFifty Daily" now.

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