Whole Foods' Top Trends for 2018 and How To Try Them


Every year, Whole Foods Market releases its predictions for the top food trends of the upcoming year. These are determined by seasoned trend-spotters with more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing and studying consumer preferences, according to the natural and organic foods retailer.

Whole Foods Market uses this trend list as a way to showcase some of its 365 products that are key on trend, as well as, to highlight some of the unique products and brands the store distributes.

Super powders, Middle Eastern food items, plant-based products, taco-styled food, and new bubbly drinks are some of the trending items the Amazon-acquired store is showing off in its top 10 trends list.

whole Foods trend 2018.jpg

Super powders

“For an energy boost or an alternative to coffee, powders like matcha, maca root and cacao are showing up in mugs everywhere,” states press release from Whole Foods Market.

Plant-based products

This has been a hot topic in 2017 with Beyond Meat Burger making many headlines and brands like Ripple offering unique alternatives to dairy. It looks like it’s going to be a stronger trend in 2018 according to Whole Foods Market.

Taco-styled food

“This street-food star is no longer limited to a tortilla, or to savory recipes: Tacos are showing up for breakfast, and trendy restaurants across the country have dessert variations,” states press release from Whole Foods Market.

To learn about which other trends made it onto the top 10 list and how to try them, visit, “Whole Foods Market”.

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