With Beef Production Projected to Increase; Marketers Go After Millennials

With Beef Production Projected to Increase; Marketers Go After Millennials

“Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” slogan is back!

Earlier this month, the beef industry released a social-media campaign ending with its throwback slogan, first introduced almost 25 years ago.

The online-only campaign from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association is said to be “aimed at millennials that have childhood memories of the slogan and want to know more about their food,” according to “The Wall Street Journal.”

Something that is interesting about the commercial is how the old nursery rhyme, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” serves as inspiration for the narration of the video while the storyline is modernized to give a behind-the-scenes look to how technology is helping farmers do their job today.

“The association revived the campaign to appeal to young consumers—especially millennial parents—who want to know the origins of their food, while playing homage to the beef brand,” Alisa Harrison, senior vice president of global marketing and research at the Beef Association told “The Wall Street Journal.”

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Burger Trends on the Forecast for 2015

Burger from Roam Artisan  | Foodable WebTV Network 

Burger from Roam Artisan | Foodable WebTV Network 

With the end of 2014 quickly approaching, various predictions for the future trends of the food and beverage industry have come to light. 2014 was a big year for the better burger segment– with Habit Burger Grill filing an IPO and various independent burger restaurants on the rise. 

But what will 2015 bring? Besides, more better burger joints going public. Some of the predicted trends are...

  • More classic cheeseburgers appearing on menus. Why? beef is getting more expensive. Burger places are going to simplify the cheeseburger by removing some ingredients– so the customer can enjoy the more expensive meat. 
  • House-pickled toppings
  • Breakfast burgers
  • Burger and Expresso concepts
  • Non-meat burgers

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As the Burger Boom Continues: Burger Restaurants Get Creative To Compete

Fatburger in Vegas | YELP

Fatburger in Vegas | YELP

The burger boom has caused the restaurant industry to be crowded with better burger joints. In order to compete with the many other burger restaurants, these restaurants are getting rather creative with their burger recipes. 

Fat Burger now has the "skinny" burger and this burger has no bun or any mayo. You would think that the consumer going to a place called "fat" burger would not care about getting a healthier burger option. However, the skinny burgers account of 10% of the company's sales.

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