Why Data Ownership Should Be Key When It Comes to Tech in Foodservice

According to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Industry 2019 report, “more than 8 in 10 restaurant operators agree that the use of technology in a restaurant provides a competitive advantage, and many are planning to ramp up their investments in technology in 2019.

This is great news for consumers but with so many choices in the technology sector, operators can be left feeling overwhelmed.

What’s important to remember is whichever tech advancement— whether it's their POS, online ordering, smartphone app, mobile payment, or loyalty program— operators decide to prioritize, it must make sense for their type of business and unique customer needs.

Watch the video above to learn how BurgerFi accurately figured out what tech advancements make sense for their business to get a proper ROI and how data ownership must be a priority in this day and age!

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Vanessa Rodriguez

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Leonardo DiCaprio Backs This Plant-Based Meat Company

Earlier this month, Foodable reported on how two plant-based meat start-ups, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are faring in the race to be first to market. Now, let’s talk about brand recognition.

It looks like the Los Angeles-based brand, Beyond Meat, got a boost from Hollywood actor and passionate environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio. The Academy Award winner has invested in the meatless company.

"Livestock production is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Shifting from animal meat to the plant-based meats developed by Beyond Meat is one of the most powerful measures someone can take to reduce their impact on our climate," said DiCaprio in a statement.

Not only is the actor adding Beyond Meat to his ever-growing portfolio of environmental grants awarded through his foundation, but he is also becoming an advocate for the company’s mission.

"I am thrilled to officially welcome Leonardo DiCaprio to the Beyond Meat family," said Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat in a press release. "His investment and role as an advocate reflects a shared vision that meat made directly from plants, like our Beyond Burger, has enormous benefits for human health, the climate, natural resources, and animal welfare…”

DiCaprio’s financial backing and support could not have come at a better time for the company. Not only does this elevate Beyond Meat’s profile overall, but now, with its recent distribution deals, people are going to see a whole lot more of Beyond Burgers.

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Thanks to the many distribution points from recent partner, Sysco, the plant-based meat will be available at participating restaurants, schools, hospitals and other outlets.

It also expanded from Whole Foods Market to over 2,000 stores and landed in the meat case aisle at two of the country’s biggest grocery chains: Kroger and Albertsons.

Besides being sold at grocery stores across the country, the brand is available at the fast casual chains Veggie Grill and all BurgerFi stores. Most recently, it is also being offered at all eight stores of Chicago-based, better-burger brand Epic Burger.

“Leo is serious about climate change,” said Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, to “Fortune.” “...this is not a celebrity deal. He is someone who genuinely believes in what we’re doing and wants to help grow it.”

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BurgerFi Adds the Gourmet CEO Burger to the Menu

BurgerFi Adds the Gourmet CEO Burger to the Menu

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

BurgerFi isn’t afraid to go big with their burgers. The breakfast all day, B.A.D. Burger is a massive angus beef patty topped with American cheese, hickory bacon, hash browns, grilled onions and a fried egg. This beast of a burger is one of the best sellers on the menu.

Well, the better-burger concept is at it again! This week it announced the debut of the CEO Burger this Monday. The burger features two Wagyu + brisket blend beef patties topped with Swiss cheese, candied bacon-tomato jam, and garlic truffle aioli sauce. 

"The ingredients in the CEO Burger take our savory, juicy burger to new heights," said Paul Griffin, the executive chef at BurgerFi in a press release. "We believe we have built a burger that is the big boss of the burger world featuring new and innovative flavors, destined for the corner office of American palates."

This burger isn’t just a summer menu item either, BurgerFi has stated it gets a permanent spot on the brand’s menu. 

"From its inception the CEO Burger has been a hit with better burger lovers," said BurgerFi CEO Corey Winograd in a press release. "I like to think that it's really a burger fit for the CEO in all of us."

The Competitive Landscape of the Better-Burger Segment 

Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack has received a lot of press when it went public, but BurgerFi was a step ahead in conquering the burger market back then with almost double the stores. 

Currently, Shake Shack his just about caught up with BurgerFi’s number of stores. 

The South Florida-based chain, BurgerFi projects that 100 stores will be open by the end of the year and reported $100 million sales in 2015.

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Sun Life Stadium Enhances Concessions with Fan Favorite Food Concepts

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On this episode of On Foodable Feature, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we speak to Ben Metzger, Director of Concessions at the Miami Dolphins' Sun Life Stadium about how they are upping the game with their food and beverage concession options. Because game day consumers wanted more variety, better quality options and more local flavors– brands like BurgerFi and Cuban Guys have opened at the stadium. Watch the full episode to see how these brands adapted their concepts to be successful in this setting. 

The Not So Missing Millennial

The Not So Missing Millennial

By Paul Barron, Foodable Founder

The state of the millennial defection of the restaurant industry is greatly exaggerated by recent reports. The reality, at least the reality we track in the Restaurant Social Media Media Index, indicates a completely different landscape of Millennial Restaurant goers. While Millennials are in fact reducing their visits to top brands, they have increased their dining out habits with a new crop of local and independent restaurant brands.

Millennials have jumped as much as a 29% increase in dining occasions at Fast Casual Restaurant brands, but not the usual suspects. We broke down 36 markets that showed a more interesting analysis of localized restaurant activities with Millennials leading the way.  In fact, they have become silently loyal to many of these brands and businesses.

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