New Age Bev Launching Cannabis-Infused Drinks for Marley Bev

The cannabis market in both Canada and the U.S. is booming. Since Cannabis containing THC isn't legal federally or on the state level in the U.S., the legal cannabis compound CBD is especially taking off in America.

We have recently reported that a few beverage giants, like Coca-Cola, are looking into developing cannabis beverage lines.

One of those companies, New Age Beverages Corporation is no longer in the development stages. This week, New Age announced that it has created a cannabis-infused beverage for the Marley Beverage Company and will distribute the line in the next few months.

New Age & Marley Bev's new canned beverages dubbed Mellow Mood +CBD are infused with CBD and meant to relax drinkers.

New Age has partnered with Marley Bev, which is named after the reggae legend Bob Marley, into release other drinks and Mellow Mood beverages like the relaxation teas.

The three flavors–Herbal Honey, Lemon Raspberry, and Peach Raspberry have 25 mg of CBD in each 15.5 oz can.

“Marley and cannabis-infused beverages is kind of a match made in heaven,” said Brent Willis, New Age CEO to "BevNET." “In the beverage industry, people buy products based on functional benefits, based on taste, but they also buy based on the emotional connection that they have. With this brand, we are really bottling ‘don’t worry, be happy’ in a can.”

Although CBD is legal, the cans will first be available in Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington where all cannabis recreational use is legal.

At the end of last year, New Age announced that it was rolling out CBD-infused beverage lines at the 2018 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) trade show. The beverages for Marley appear to be part of the company's plan to emerge as one of the biggest players in the cannabis beverage market.

According to Willis, the Marley CBD line was a big hit at this year's Winter Fancy Foods Show and was the company's “most successful show ever.”

Read more about New Age & Marley’s latest venture at “BevNET” now.

We have been following the cannabis trend and specifically the CBD trend closely. Listen to the episode of The Barron report below to learn more about CBD infusions and how this company is thriving with its CBD products.

The Health Trends That Will Be More Prevalent in 2019



The healthy eating movement has transitioned from a diet to a lifestyle for many consumers. With that in mind, health food trends only continue to gain momentum.  

Each year, new trends emerge but not every trend goes mainstream.

So what will 2019 bring?

The healthy snack company Kind released a new trend report with collected data from 5,000 food and beverage experts to determine what will reign next year.

One trend expected to become more prevalent come 2019 is infused water.

But it’s not just favorites like cucumber water and lemon water–maple water and other unusual flavors will be served that offer nutritional benefits.

“Take cactus water, for instance, it’s generally lower in calories and sugar than traditional coconut water, and provides lots of betalain antioxidants for promoting skin revitalization, according to Jackie Newgent, RDN, culinary nutritionist and KIND Snacks spokesperson,” writes “Forbes.”

Then there’s the plant-based movement, which exploded in 2018, according to recent Foodable Labs data.  

New vegan-friendly proteins are popping up on menus across the country and that isn’t going to stop in 2019.

“In 2019, expect more meat-alternatives in the market, including plants, insects, lentils, soy, dairy-free protein alternatives going mainstream. Aside from the innovations highlighting nuts, extruded seeds, beans, water lentils and algae in snack bars, chips, meat-free burgers or sausages and dairy-free yogurts and cheeses, one of the most exciting developments is cell-based meat—namely meat and protein extracted from animals’ cells without killing the animal at all,” writes “Forbes.” 

The CBD craze is also going to be taken to the next level in the New Year. CBD, the legal cannabis compound, has been used as a herbal remedy for a long time. But just recently, CBD has been infused in cocktails, coffee beverages and olive oil. 2019 will bring even more CBD infusions like CBD-infused yogurts, salad dressings and more. 

Listen to this recent episode of The Barron Report below to learn how CBD is making an impact in the foodservice industry.

Check out the other food and health trends outlined in the Kind’s report at “Forbes” now.