Chef-Quality CBD Infusions Connect Cannabis to the Foodservice Industry

With the cannabis industry booming across the nation, CBD has made its way onto menus as an infusion that can be added into coffee, cocktails, and more.

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron speaks with CEO, Kim Sanchez Rael and Chief Creative Officer, Ron Silver of Azuca, a company with a unique technology to create fast-acting cannabis edibles, sugar, and syrups made from chef-quality, all-natural ingredients. The three discuss how the company came to be, the latest CBD trends, and the future for cannabis in the foodservice industry.

Listen to this episode of The Barron Report for more insights on how CBD is making an impact in the foodservice industry.


  • 12:52 What is the product's market?

  • 15:56 The speed at which the CBD Market is changing

  • 18:01 Expanding the products Market

  • 20:11 How to Measure CBD in Products?

  • 23:06 What is a CBD Product’s Expiration period?

  • 24:32 CBD Market Growth

  • 01:38 What is CBD?

  • 03:34 Serial Entrepreneur Shifts to Foodservice & Wellness

  • 05:02 Introducing CBD Products to the Food Service Industry

  • 06:42 Connecting Cannabis to the Food Industry

  • 09:06 Fast Acting and Controllable Dosing

  • 10:50 Industry Response to the Products


McDonald's Is Winning With the Cannabis Consumer

McDonald's Is Winning With the Cannabis Consumer

Cannabis is penetrating into the food industry one way or another.

Fine-dine cooking with marijuana is a topic Foodable recently touched on in an interview with one of the top cannabis chefs in America— Chef Jeff, dubbed the “Julia Child of Weed.”

But as the cannabis business continues to grow at a rapid pace, more researchers analyze how and in what ways is the multi-billion dollar industry impacting the economy. One way to do so is by monitoring cannabis users’ consumer habits.

Fast-food is the sector analyzed in a recent report that is part of a series of research market snapshots called “Cannabis Freakonomics.”

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