Global Meat Provider Cargill Invests in Pea Company To Increase Alternative Protein Production

Global Meat Provider Cargill Invests in Pea Company To Increase Alternative Protein Production

Alternative protein is growing tremendously in popularity.

Many supplier companies are taking note of this and are investing in this segment in order to not be left out of the growing market. While some, like Tyson Foods are investing in startups, like Memphis Meats, that are growing meat in a more sustainable way, others like Sysco have partnered with companies like Beyond Meat which makes plant-based burger patties.

Cargill, a company known for supplying meat around the world, is the latest to announce a move towards alternative protein. It “signed a joint venture agreement to accelerate a new wave of great tasting, sustainable and label-friendly plant-based foods” with pea company PURIS.

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Restaurants Push for Smarter Protein

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly, our host Paul Barron gets to talk to Erik Oberholtzer of Tender Greens and Chef Stephen Giunta of Cargill about how plates are getting greener.

As the culinary leaders explain, while we are seeing alternative proteins like cricket and plant based proteins emerge, traditional proteins are not going away anytime soon.

Chef Guinta explains, “The plant based proteins are becoming part of dishes. They're not replacing traditional proteins– you’re not going to replace a pork chop with quinoa, for example, but they’re additions and providing more of a balanced approach.”

Oberholtzer adds that while we are seeing interesting food innovations coming out like the Impossible Burger or soy proteins from Beyond Meat, he prefers to stick to whole ingredients.

“What we’re seeing at least out of the fine dining world is that a lot of chefs are really leading with plants, they’re making plants the star. Plants are taking up more of the plate, but proteins don’t go away.”

Learn more about the future of protein by watching the episode above!