Tao Restaurant Ranked Highest Grossing Independent Restaurant

Tao Restaurant  | Yelp. Vincent C.

Tao Restaurant | Yelp. Vincent C.

Las Vegas' own Tao Restaurant received top honors last month when it was named on Restaurant Business magazine's list of highest grossing independent restaurant in the United States. Earning a whopping $47 million in one year, Tao Restaurant has firmly established itself as a supreme dining and pre-club destination for visitors to the Vegas Strip. 

In addition to Tao, several other well known Vegas restaurants were also ranked on the list including Mario Batali's Carnevino, Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab, and Wynn's SW Steakhouse, and Las Vegas was second to New York in number of top grossing restaurants. Read More

Las Vegas Restaurants Excell at Complimentary Bread Service

While restaurants are generally praised for the quality of the dishes featured on their menus, a number of local Vegas eateries are making waves for their excellent complimentary bread service.   For these restaurants, the superb bread they offer diners is of equal quality to many of the items on the menu.

At classic Vegas steakhouses such as STK and BLT Steak, pull apart rolls and popovers are served, with the former offering blue  cheese butter and grape seed oil on the side and the latter suggesting diners accompany their Gruyere filled popovers with char grilled slabs of bacon. Handcrafted assorted dipping sauces and butters are also offered to accompany the bread service at the Top of the World restaurant inside the Stratosphere, featuring such unique accompaniments as orange ginger or pesto whipped butter. Yet perhaps the largest standout is the Lardo Focaccini served at Mario Batali's Carnevino, which features a crusty bread with salty, kneaded pork fat.   

Will unique bread services like these become restaurant norms?  Read More