Miami Chefs Create Their Own Culinary Scene

Miami Chefs Create Their Own Culinary Scene
  • Miami Star chefs come together to discuss the culture of South Beach culinary scene

  • Foodies love these Miami Beach restaurants for their unique cuisine

The greatest minds in culinary, all at one table: What would you ask? On this episode of Foodable’s At The Chef’s Table, Miami’s chef community unites in their desire not to follow in the footsteps of New York or Los Angeles but to grow their own culinary culture. Along with focusing on their own passions, these Miami chefs also emphasize the importance of evolving with their community.

Grown, Shannon Allen’s healthy fast food concept is just one of those striving to solve the problems today’s health-conscious consumer is facing. “I think if you’re not going towards farm to table, if you’re not sourcing local ingredients, you're going to answer to a customer that’s very smart, has dealt with health problems, has food allergies, is very aware of what they are putting in their mouth and that it affects not only how they feel but also their lifespan,” she explains.

Grab a seat at the table with host Paul Barron and Miami star chefs Giorgio Rapicavoli, Diego Oka, Paula DaSilva, Cesar Zapata, and Shannon Allen.

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Table 42: The Federal [VIDEO]

In this episode of Table 42, host and restaurant industry expert Paul Barron heads to Miami's The Federal, which originally started as a pop-up. The idea behind stabilizing the restaurant to a full-blown establishment came with inspiration from the food culture in places like New York and San Francisco. Chef Cesar Zapata and his team felt Miami was lacking that unique element of culture in Miami.

 Zapata's culinary aesthetic is to take a more interesting twist to comfort American food, while maintaining the ingredients that consumers can relate to. A Thanksgiving turkey dinner, for example, has been remixed with duck for the protein, with jazzed up sides of house-made marshmallow fluff and caramelized sweet potatoes.

Watch the full episode to get an inside look at the space and for more insight on The Federal.