Boleo's Chef Morris Lives By the 'Take the Stairs, Not the Elevator' Motto

Video produced by Vanessa Rodriguez

Chef de cuisine, Cory Morris, is making Boleo brighter, bolder, and more flavorful by blending his cooking style with the unique characteristics and sultry beats of South America. Boleo, located on the 15th floor of the Kimpton Gray Hotel in downtown Chicago, focuses on Peruvian and Argentinian cuisine which have distinct flavor profiles. Together, these flavors balance each other out and create a well-balanced menu.

"In Peru, you have your ceviches which are really bright and acidic dishes, and you can balance that out with some of the Argentinian wood-fire cooking like grilled skewers or roasted mushrooms," says Chef Morris.

Boleo takes the dining experience a step further by focusing on three central concepts: music, food, and drinks. The restaurant changes up its bar and food menus every few months. In addition, they mix up their music selection to create the perfect dining atmosphere regardless of the season.

Chef Morris has a very humble leadership style where he focuses on his team first. At Boleo, his team focuses on being hospitable towards each other so that they can be more generous and considerate towards their guests. He also believes that starting at the bottom and working through the ranks will enhance your overall skill set.

"A chef told me years ago, 'take the stairs, not the elevator.' You have to start at the bottom and work your way up. It'll really round out your skill set," ends Chef Morris.

Be sure to check out the chef innovator video above to gain more insight about Chef Cory Morris’ journey and Boleo in downtown Chicago.