Executive Chef Giuseppe Tentori Explains Why Simple Food Is Great

“I would describe my food as very simple,” says Giuseppe Tentori, Executive Chef and Partner of GT Fish & Oyster and GT Prime. “Simple food is great. You don’t need to add too many ingredients or make your food too weird just to be like a great chef.”

Tentori enjoys various accolades after making a name for himself in Chicago redefining the American seafood restaurant experience with the opening of GT Fish & Oyster in 2011. He earned critical recognition both regionally and nationally, like three stars from the Chicago Tribune and nominations for “Best Chef: Great Lakes” by the James Beard Foundation.

Italy-native Tentori began his culinary career at the young age of 17. He initially got into the industry under the presumption he would be making a lot of money, traveling the world, and eating anything he wanted. “It turned out to be the opposite, but I kinda fell in love with cooking…,” said the graduate of a culinary school in Milan.

Chef Tentori admits that one of the hardest things he’s had to do in his career as a chef is leading a team. He believes it’s important to no micromanage his crew all the time. “You have to mentor them, trust them… just let them do their own thing,” says Tentori. “For me it was like a huge learning experience.”

To learn more about Tentori, what culinary trends he is incorporating into his menu and where he gets his inspiration from, watch the episode above!