Quick Six With...Chef Who Makes Cuisine Look Like Art, Kevin Meehan

Quick Six With...Chef Who Makes Cuisine Look Like Art, Kevin Meehan

By Mae Velasco, Custom Content Editor

Los Angeles' Kali Restaurant, a chic, minimalist concept that offers contemporary cuisine and a unique selection of wines, is co-owned by Wine Director Drew Langley and Chef Kevin Meehan. But this casual restaurant with a fine-dining flair didn't begin with elegance — Meehan, born and raised on Long Island, long before he made his way over to the West Coast — started his 23-year culinary career as a teenager in front of a fryer at a fried chicken joint. A far cry from the eloquent dishes he makes today,  but that's when he fell in love with food.

After high school, he moved onto the Culinary Arts Program at Johnson & Wales University before interning at the Michelin-starred L'alban Chambon under the guiding wing of French Master Chef Dominique Michou. The next coming years led him to work alongside some of LA's finest chefs and at some of the most esteemed restaurants, including L'Orangerie, Citrine, and Patina.

He fine-tuned his fine-dining skills, which is shown in all of his colorful, rich, artistic plates. Consumers on social media, whether Instagram or YELP, have called his menu "high art."

Still, despite making his name in white tablecloth kitchens, with the opening of Kali Restaurant, he has pushed the boundaries of the usual fine dining experience and brought with his concept the ease and comfort of a local, neighborhood feel. (Not surprising that he prefers the comforts of home, as he is a happy husband and the father of twin girls!)

Want to learn more about Kevin Meehan? Check out what he had to say when we asked him six, quick questions.

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