How Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusions are Making Menu Staples More Exciting

The name apple butter is a bit deceiving as the beloved sauce has no butter in it at all. In fact, the only thing that apple butter and butter have in common is that they are both spreadable.

Apple butter, once an obscure option, has come into full fruition as a healthier alternative to butter. It has no dairy, fat or cholesterol.

But apple butter is so much more than a mere spread or condiment. 

About 15 years ago, Musselman’s apple butter, which is owned by Knouse Foods, was primarily being used only in that unimagined way.  

"Back then, the question became, what's a better way to use this product?” said Allie Canterbury, marketing manager of food service at Knouse Foods. 

Musselman's Apple Butter Fusions |   Foodable Network

Musselman's Apple Butter Fusions | Foodable Network

Although apple butter continues to dress the top of muffins, bagels, and toast as a delicious topping, Musselman's has also been showing operators how to incorporate this versatile ingredient with other flavors to enhance their menu items for years.

Musselman's Apple Butter is a great base flavor that complements a diverse array of others. 

With that in mind, Musselman’s recently launched a new innovative line of apple butter Fusions. These Fusions make it even easier for operators to get creative and are an easy way to elevate menu items from simple to signature. 

We have highlighted some of the Musselman's Apple Butter Fusions in the part one and part two of the video series above, but there are two other emerging Fusions flavors to highlight.

Horseradish was already a popular flavor pairing with the original Musselman's Apple Butter, so the company decided to roll out the Creamy Horseradish Fusion.

Horseradish also saw a spike this year in use by the top 100 chefs included in our Foodable Labs index. It has experienced a surge in popularity notably in the fast casual sector, especially on sandwiches at fast casual brands. 

The Creamy Horseradish Fusion offers an unexpected yet invigorating blast of flavors of apple notes and horseradish.

In the video above, Foodable Host Layla Harrison is joined by Culinarian Andy Tilis who shows her how this Fusion is a great addition to a roast beef sandwich. 

Musselman's Apple Butter Creamy Horseradish also is gluten-free, trans-fat free, has a clean label, and like all the Fusions, has multiple applications.  

"The creamy horseradish is really great with classic steak, prime rib, and roast beef sandwiches. I've seen people mix it into hummus and then also on tacos. You really can use these in many different ways, but those are food pairings that have been really popular," said Canterbury.  

The last and certainly not least Fusion of the Musselman's New Apple Butter line is the Salted Caramel.

This Fusion features a perfect pairing of sweetness with a savory flavor blend of apple and salted caramel.

Salted caramel is almost universally trending on chef menus. According to Foodable Labs data, salted caramel is in the top three of flavors for dessert.

Chef Andi and Foodable Host Layla using the Musselman’s Apple Butter Salted Caramel Fusion |   Foodable Network

Chef Andi and Foodable Host Layla using the Musselman’s Apple Butter Salted Caramel Fusion | Foodable Network

This gluten-free and trans-fat free Fusion has applications for dessert menu items, but also for foods you may not be expecting.  

"It goes great on waffles and pancakes, perfect over ice cream, and excellent with sweet potato fries. I've also seen some of our team members pairing the salted caramel with wings," said Canterbury.  

For breakfast, it's a great topping to replace maple syrup or butter. Chef Andi demonstrates above how perfect this Fusion is on the breakfast favorite waffles.  

It can even be used for baking as a fat replacement.

Want to learn more about Musselman's Apple Butter Fusions line? Don’t miss the part one and two of this three-part series or explore some of Musselman's Apple Butter recipes here.

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Vanessa Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez

Writer & Producer


Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusions Make it Easy to Incorporate Asian Flavors on Menus

Peppering an otherwise consistent menu with new on-trend items ensures a restaurant concept can avoid appearing stale to their customer base.

With that in mind, chefs are always looking for simple ways to refresh menus. Instead of starting from scratch, they will often turn to an innovative foodservice product solution to spice things up.  

We recently discovered that Musselman’s Apple Butter now has a Fusions line of six flavored apple butter flavors.

For years, chefs have been using the consumer-favorite Musselman’s Apple Butter as a base to create a delicious flavor profile for a protein, side, or dessert. 

"We’ve actually been showing people how to combine two types of flavors together for many years. So we thought, why not just create that item to take all the work out of combining it. That way it’s ready for use,” said Allie Canterbury, marketing manager of food service, Knouse Foods. “And then we also put it in a squeeze bottle to make it easy to use for an operator. It’s always been something we've been creating in-house and showing people. So we figured why not just do it.”

And from there, Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusions line churned into a dynamic product offering.

Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusion line |  Foodable Network

Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusion line | Foodable Network

The video above, which is part 2 of a tasting series of the Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusions product line, reveals that each flavor is wonderfully versatile with multiple applications for food. 

But besides being versatile, these fusion flavors are on point when it comes to the recent consumer trends.

A recent Foodable Labs 2019 Flavor Trends Report revealed that Asian flavors have spiked on menus at restaurants of all types of cuisines across the country. Asian flavors have become especially prevalent on menus at independent restaurants and fast casual concepts to accommodate a crescendo of consumer demand for these flavors. 

Using Musselman’s Apple Butter Asian Fusion provides a simple yet creative foray into the Asian craze. This product offers a sweet yet savory taste with slightly spicy cinnamon notes mixed with soy and sesame flavor. 

“The Asian is a really neat flavor. It's a little more salty and savory than the others. It’s been used as a dressing and it's great in a coleslaw. I've also seen people using it on tacos, within noodle dishes or as a marinade and wing flavor,” said Canterbury.

It takes simple to signature and is vegan, fat-free and trans-fat free too. Watch the video above as it is used to flavor for zucchini spiraled noodles. 

Another Musselman’s fusions flavor is Sriracha, which is also a popular Asian flavor.  

Sriracha has been trending for a decade, but flash forward to today and it has garnered a passionate and loyal following all over the world.  

Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusions Sriracha and Asian Flavors |   Foodable Network

Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusions Sriracha and Asian Flavors | Foodable Network

Sriracha has been added to Musselman’s Apple Butter to infuse some heat into its latest offering as a Fusions flavor.

“The Sriracha Apple Butter Fusion is a great wing flavor. We've seen it used on pizza, as a drizzle, mixed with mac and cheese, spread on sandwiches, and tacos. We've even seen it on omelets for an extra spicy punch,” said Canterbury.  

In the video above, Chef Andi uses it to elevate the otherwise traditional wing sauce and then to create a mac and cheese recipe with a unique twist.

The Sriracha Fusion also has a Clean Label, meaning it contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, and no antimicrobial preservatives. It is also vegan, fat-free and gluten-free.

Looking for new ways to enhance your menu items? Stay tuned for our part-three featuring two other Musselman’s Apple Butter Flavors next week!

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post.

Video Produced by:

Vanessa Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez

Writer & Producer


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