Chipotle Hires Another Former Taco Bell Executive

Chipotle Hires Another Former Taco Bell Executive

It seems like Chipotle will not stop until the fast-casual brand has it’s A-team, in place.

Another member has been added into the mix and he is crossing over from no other than Taco Bell— just like the brand’s newest CEO, Brian Niccol.

The new hire’s name is Chris Brandt and he will be Chipotle’s new CMO, starting April 2.

Brandt’s last role with the Mexican-themed fast food chain technically ended in 2016 and most recently he was the executive VP and chief brand officer at Bloomin’ Brands— parent company to chains, like Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s.

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Chipotle Finalizes Price Hikes Across the US

Chipotle Finalizes Price Hikes Across the US
  • Chipotle's Sentiment scores have increased and decreased in line with the fast casual stock market prices. 

  • Chipotle needs to build brand advocates, develop a new message around food safety, and go back to food sourcing basics, & Paul Barron gives more tips. 

  • Chipotle's last wave of price hikes are now in effect.

Chipotle’s last wave of price hikes has now been implemented. Last April, the fast-casual chain announced that they would be raising prices by 5% at 400 locations across the country. A second wave occurred in November. This final hike will affect the 45% of stores that did not see a price increase in 2017.

This boost was the first price increase from Chipotle since 2014.

Chipotle has had a rough time in recent years with multiple E. Coli outbreaks and the launch of their unpopular queso.

In an effort to turn the company around, CEO Steve Ells said in November that he would be stepping down from his post as head of the company as soon as Chipotle found someone to replace him. He will remain with the company as executive chairman. A new CEO has yet to be selected.

The price increases have added about 25 to 35 cents to the price of a typical entree according to Spokesman Chris Arnold. The price hike will go towards higher food and labor costs.

"Even with the new prices, our pricing remains very competitive across the category, particularly if you factor in our ingredient quality," Arnold says.

Read more about Chipotle’s recent changes on “Business Insider.”

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Chipotle Initiates Search for New CEO as Steve Ells Steps Down 

Chipotle Initiates Search for New CEO as Steve Ells Steps Down 

Steve Ells, the founder and mastermind behind the fast casual that started it all, Chipotle, announced on Wednesday that he is stepping down as the CEO of the chain.

However, he will be stepping into the executive chairman role. 

This seems like the chain's latest move as part of its comeback strategy. 

Chipotle has been plagued with a series of PR nightmares following a few food safety scandals that were exposed starting back in November 2015. 

It's no secret, the brand has had difficulty recovering. 

The company reported a 29.7% decrease in same-store sales in the first quarter of 2016, following the media frenzy after the first food safety crisis.

Chipotle's shares were up but 4.4% early Wednesday, according to the "New York Post."

But with stock prices no where close to where they were before the crisis, the brand has launched multiple free giveaway campaigns in attempt to recreate the long lines of the past at Chipotle stores.

But, investors have demanded big changes and it looks like Ells has decided to bring in a new CEO to direct the brand's comeback efforts. 

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