It’s Official, Patrón Was Welcomed to the Bacardi Portfolio This Week

It’s Official, Patrón Was Welcomed to the Bacardi Portfolio This Week

As Cinco de Mayo approaches, many will be celebrating the Mexican holiday with tequila and most likely, a margarita.

Made from the world's finest Weber Blue Agave, one of the most popular tequila brands Patrón is now owned by a company that was founded more than 156 years ago in Cuba.

You read right!

This week, the super-premium spirits company, Bacardi, announced its acquisition of Patrón, the leading manufacturer of super and ultra-premium distilled spirits— widely known for its super-premium tequila.

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Cinco de Mayo Inspiration From the Foodable Archives

Cinco de Mayo: A day in history that marks the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla… and an American celebration of all things Mexican-inspired including, but not limited to, tacos, tequila and cerveza.

Like most holidays celebrated by Americans, the meaning of Cinco de Mayo is of little knowledge to many aside from the excuse to eat & drink in large quantities — to binge on burritos, crunch on corn chips or tortillas, and drown oneself in a margarita (or four). 

Not limited to only one day, there are a handful of chefs across the U.S. that are spicing up traditional Mexican food as we know it and turning it on its saucy head. (Hello, Roy Choi and Rick Bayless.)

We can’t promise to join you in a round of shots, but we will help get the celebration rolling with some of our best footage from the Foodable archives fit to inspire your Cinco. From a special gourmet taco and tequila-based cocktail pairing at Chicago’s Takito Kitchen and a lesson in Mezcal at New York City’s Casa Mezcal, to a tequila tasting in Vegas and an exclusive feature on Rick Bayless (and his draw to authentic Mexican cuisine), suffice it to say we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

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