Food Out Loud: Keto, Intermittent Fasting, and Grass Fed Butter Coffee

On this episode of Food Out Loud, I interview Mark Yu, co-founder of the keto-friendly, butter coffee brand, Grass Fed Coffee. We discuss our experience with the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Mark tested this diet and lifestyle on himself and after losing 45 pounds in just four months, he simply became a believer.

At this point, you should have heard about the ketogenic diet, unless you’re in a carb-induced food coma. Contrary to popular belief this diet is not about weight loss and it is not new. The roots of the ketogenic diet go back to the 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy and recently has re-emerged as a performance diet for the mind and body.

Intermittent fasting’s effect on chronic diseases like diabetes, is nothing short of astonishing. Fasting is of course not new with roots in most if not all major religions. Maybe we are rediscovering something here?

In America, we are struggling with obesity and as a result: our health. We have to take a look at what we are eating because the current American diet seems to be out of whack.

I will be talking a lot about the American diet in depth on this show because there is a lot of information to study and misinformation to debunk. I am also experimenting with my diet along the way. So, let’s get the conversation started!


23:57 - Should everyone be drinking butter coffee?
26:01 - Will Keto have as much of an effect on food-service as gluten free did?
27:36 - Where can we get Grass Fed Butter Coffee?

01:44 - Mark Yu - Welcome to the show
06:09 - Intermittent fasting
13:16 - Keto is not Atkins
18:30 - Grass Fed butter Coffee - Yes please!
23:57 - Should everyone be drinking butter coffee?

Discussion over Cold Brew Coffee is Up, According to Foodable Labs

It can be said that in recent years, cold brew coffee has quickly made its way into mainstream.

Cold brew has a smoother chocolate coffee flavor as opposed to other versions of coffee. The reason behind this is the fact that more coffee grounds are used and the steep time can be quite long and delicate since instead of hot water, room temperature or cold water is used for this process.  

This bitterless beverage has in turn carved itself a path to reach consumers directly through grocery stores in made-to-go bottles, as well as being incorporated as a drink menu item in coffee shops and some emerging restaurant brands, alike.

Courtesy of Jameson

Courtesy of Jameson

Cold brew is actually experiencing a 2.4 percentage increase in integration on the Top 150 Emerging Brands. However, when it comes to the integration of cold brew on independent restaurant menus, the drink is actually experiencing a 23.4 decrease year over year when 5,000 concepts were analyzed by Foodable Labs.

This could be a reason why cold brew has been declining in consumer sentiment in the past twelve months. Its score has dropped a whopping 16.2 points from a high 87.4 to a low 71.2 out of 100 points total.

One wouldn’t think this was the case from looking at the new products brands like Jameson and Apothic have been launching.

Jameson Cold Brew

The brand known for its triple-distilled, Irish whiskey decided to try its luck with a bottled version of the Irish coffee cocktail using cold brew from Fairtrade Arabica beans. The cocktail features “intense coffee bean aromatics combined with vanilla nuttiness of Jameson,” according the brand’s website.

Courtesy of Apothic

Courtesy of Apothic

Apothic Brew

As Foodable has reported in the past, Apothic Brew released in April of this year a red blend wine infused with cold brew. The winemaker, Debbie Juergenson, “realized that many of the characteristics in cold brew coffee and red wine naturally complement each other.” The result? A balanced red wine with a red fruit, mocha, and oak flavor.

Despite the lower consumer sentiment score, social discussion over the topic has actually been up 3.1 percent in the past year. This could be due to the integration of the beverage into established beverage brand products.

So, what exactly is motivating brands to jump outside of their comfort zones and explore new innovative ways to spice up their offerings with flavors like those from cold brew?

What’s for sure is that there’s a growing appreciation for the beverage as Americans continue to learn more about the sourcing and creation process of coffee.

To learn about how popular cold brew coffee brands are ranked by consumer sentiment and who is the leading the demographic consuming it, watch the Industry Pulse video above!

Coffee & Yogurt: JoeFroyo's Functional Cold Brew Provides Probiotics without the Lactose

Coffee & Yogurt: JoeFroyo's Functional Cold Brew Provides Probiotics without the Lactose

President and Founder of JoeFroyo, Zach Miller, came up with the idea for JoeFroyo Functional Cold Brew after years in the retail coffee and frozen yogurt industries.

“One of our most popular menu items was what we called the ‘Yo-gato’ –vanilla frozen yogurt with one or two shots of espresso floated on top,” said Miller in a press release.

Foodable went to NRA 2018 with the goal of finding top innovators in the Technology, Chef Equipment, and Specialty Food categories. Miller's realization of the opportunity in the beverage category is why Foodable chose JoeFroyo as one of our Specialty Food favorites. As the functional beverage category began to take off, Miller realized combining espresso with the health benefits from frozen yogurt could fill a gap in the functional beverage market.

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Austin Coffee Company, High Brew Coffee Closes $20 Million in Funding Round

Austin Coffee Company, High Brew Coffee Closes $20 Million in Funding Round

Ready-to-drink cold brew coffee brand, High Brew Coffee has closed a $20 million funding round that was led by Charles Street Partners. This investment has become the Austin, Texas brand’s largest investment to date.

The recent funding is considered to be non-traditional due to the celebrity investors they rounded together such as, members of rock band Kings of Leon, and celebrity chef Tim Love.

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Apothic Uses Cold Brew Coffee In It's Latest Red Blend Wine

Apothic Uses Cold Brew Coffee In It's Latest Red Blend Wine

This wine brand just launched a red fruit wine blended with cold brew coffee capitalizing on a growing coffee trend in America.

Yep. Wine + Coffee, all in a bottle.

The beverage brand responsible is Apothic Wine, which it is known for bold Red blends and innovation. So, it’s really no surprise the winemaker behind it all decided to try something new and outside of the box.

“I realized that many of the characteristics in cold brew coffee and red wine naturally complement each other,” said Debbie Juergenson, Apothic winemaker, in a press release. “This led us to experiment with a few blends, eventually leading to the seamless creation of Apothic Brew, which brings together red fruit notes and subtle mocha essences of cold brew."

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