Heatonist Hot Sauce Tasting Room Offers Insights into Millennial Taste Buds

Heatonist Hot Sauce Tasting Room Offers Insights into Millennial Taste Buds
  • Hot sauce store, the Heatonist, has the hottest sauces from international small-batch makers.

  • Their sauces are all-natural and rank from 1-10 on a scale based on the traditional Scoville scale. 


Take a look at this episode of On Foodable Side Dish to see Colleen Hagerty and Heatonist founder, Noah Chaimberg, test the scale from 1 to mouth-numbing 10.

On this episode of On Foodable, we visit the Heatonist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York’s first hot sauce tasting room.

Millenials have been shown recently to favor their hot sauce and many data sets describe the tastes of younger generations as more adventurous with flavor and spice. Chefs have been challenged to keep up with this trend making Heatonist the go-to spot for chefs looking to offer their customers the exotic flavors they’re craving.

At Heatonist, anyone off the street can come in and taste a range of sauces ranked from 1 to 10, a more relatable scale based off of the traditional Scoville scale. The tasting room offers more than 100 varieties of hot sauce from small makers around the world. Very strict in their curation process, Heatonist only offers all natural products from small-batch makers. 

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Hakkasan's NYC Pastry Chef Dishes on Dessert

hakkasan thumbnail square.jpg

Many restaurant owners battle with the inconsistency of dessert sales. This rings especially true for establishments that serve large portions or include a family-style format, where it’s difficult for diners to make room for what’s next. But at Hakkasan, a world-renowned, Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant, executive pastry chef Rory MacDonald has mastered an equation of culinary balance to entice guests and thus, drive up dessert sales.

In this “On Foodable Side Dish,” Foodable video correspondent Colleen Hagerty sits down with MacDonald at Hakkasan’s New York City location to discuss balance, presentation, R&D, and inspiration.

How Hakkasan Is Driving Dessert Sales

In this “On Foodable Side Dish,” brought to you by the Foodable Network, NYC video correspondent Colleen Hagerty takes us into the world of Cantonese cuisine, made sexy by world famous restaurant Hakkasan. 

While most don’t equate going out for an Asian dinner with dessert, Hakkasan’s executive pastry chef, Rory MacDonald, has found a way to balance the two in an authentic way (read: not fusion) while playing off of traditional Asian flavors. 

Watch the full episode to learn how Hakkasan plans its dessert menu and where inspiration is pulled from, and what the biggest challenges are to create desserts for such a niche concept that diners actually want to eat after a big meal. As a bonus, we also get into the kitchen with Rory, who walks us through some of his current favorite recipes.

A Behind-the-Scenes Food Tour of Le District [VIDEO]

Street food festivals. Farmers markets. Food emporiums. Modern-day cafeterias. There are a lot of variations and models for making fresh, local foodstuffs more accessible to consumers. But to differentiate yourself in an ever-growing saturated market, one must go beyond its wares and focus on the full experience.

New York City’s Manhattan French Food Emporium, known as Le District, is taking a bite of the Big Apple in an impressive way. Broken up into sections, the indoor marketplace is made up of anything you can imagine: a florist, a butcher shop, a restaurant, a bar, and so on. In this “On Foodable Side Dish” episode, Foodable video correspondent Colleen Hagerty takes us on a food tour guided by Le District’s Executive Culinary Director, Jordi Valles.

The Epicenter of Ireland’s Booming Craft Beer Scene

For beer lovers near and far, Dublin can be considered a “holy” place for being the birthplace of Guinness. But though “big beer” has reigned in this area for many years, Ireland is most definitely making room for the smaller guys, craft beer companies and independent brewers.

In this “On Foodable Side Dish” episode, Colleen Hagerty takes us into the Irish Craft Beer Festival, where we meet six of the best brewers in the business.

Watch the full episode as we learn how the Irish craft beer market differs from that of the U.S., what inspires these brewers, and as they recount the early (more recent) days of the craft beer movement making its way into Ireland.