Top Wine Trends to Expect in 2019

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron is joined by Emily Wines, master sommelier & vice president of wine and beverage experiences at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants. The two discuss wine trends, understanding your wine menu, and what bar operators and owners should expect for 2019.

Some of Wines’ responsibilities include advancing team members’ knowledge of wine, serving as the liaison between Cooper’s Hawk and its individual restaurants, and engaging with guests and the brand’s 250,000+ Wine Club members. She also creates unique experiences centered around wine and spirits.

For your guest, it’s all about the journey of the wine - whether it be told through education, events, collaborative partnerships, or curated lifestyle adventures. Listen to this episode of The Barron Report for more insights on the new era of wine drinkers and building your 2019 wine list.


  • 15:05 - Wine Bar Technology Fads

  • 18:43 - Generational Changes and the New Breed of Wine Drinkers

  • 22:19 - Building Your 2019 Wine List

  • 28:35 - Seasonal Wine Trends

  • 1:52 - Creating Unique Beverage Experiences with Coopers Hawk

  • 4:36 - Wine Trends that Should Stay in 2018

  • 8:03 - Frosé and Other Wine Trends Living Up to Their Hype

  • 11:58 - What is Causing $20 Bottles with Surprising Quality


On a recent episode of the Barron Report, Paul Barron interviewed Shana Clark, Wine, Sake and Cocktail Journalist and Consultant, to review Wine Spectators Top 100 Wine List of 2018. For more on the latest wine trends, check out the video below.

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Rachel Brill

Rachel Brill

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Is Casual Dining Over?
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However, traffic is up in new age casual dining at places like Matchbox and Coopers Hawk.  All is not lost, even with expansion halted and stores closing, there is a recipe for resurrecting these legacy casual dining brands. Watch Plugged In for more!

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