An Interview with Asori Soto, Director of the Film Cuban Food Stories

In this episode of Food Out Loud, we meet Asori Soto, filmmaker, and director of the documentary Cuban Food Stories. The documentary takes us on a tour of Cuba through the eyes and the food of the locals.

Cuban Food Stories Movie Poster.jpg

Asori lives here in the U.S. but was born in Cuba and when given the opportunity to combine his passion for food and film he wanted to return to his homeland and capture the heritage and history of the Cuban cuisine before it changes forever.

Although it must have been tempting, the film does not take on a political message, which frankly is refreshing; instead, Asori tells the stories of traditional Cuban dishes through the people that create them. Cuban food is not talked about much like French or even Mexican cuisine. Asori wants to change that.

The film is split into chapters, each one taking us to a different place on the island, meeting new people and discovering new traditions. Some moments in the film leave you longing for a simpler time, questioning what the higher calling is. In Cuban Food Stories, you discover a culture being preserved through food and and a people who take pride in that mission. You find yourself thinking of your grandmother's cooking, for me a taste and feeling that I haven't experienced in years. It made me wonder, maybe I need to get more in tune with my heritage and the recipes my family passed down for generations before those stories start to become forgotten.

It’s Official, Patrón Was Welcomed to the Bacardi Portfolio This Week

It’s Official, Patrón Was Welcomed to the Bacardi Portfolio This Week

As Cinco de Mayo approaches, many will be celebrating the Mexican holiday with tequila and most likely, a margarita.

Made from the world's finest Weber Blue Agave, one of the most popular tequila brands Patrón is now owned by a company that was founded more than 156 years ago in Cuba.

You read right!

This week, the super-premium spirits company, Bacardi, announced its acquisition of Patrón, the leading manufacturer of super and ultra-premium distilled spirits— widely known for its super-premium tequila.

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