Unit 120 Launches Culinary Incubator in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza

Unit 120 Launches Culinary Incubator in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza

By Courtney Walsh, West Coast Editor

Pop-up restaurants are all the rage in Los Angeles, allowing for chefs to test a number of culinary ideas without the potential risk of a brick and mortar. Yet finding the right space for these pop-up events can be time consuming. Enter Unit 120, the culinary incubator launched this year by Eggslut’s chef Alvin Cailan in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza.

Meant as an arena for chefs to be able to experiment, play with, and test out their burgeoning food concepts, the space became an instant hit for local foodies always seeking to be the first to eat at the next big culinary concept. More importantly, however, was the space’s impact on Chinatown, and Los Angeles’ culinary scene as a whole. By providing a theatre to showcase the emerging culinary talent, Unit 120 has effectively leveled the playing field allowing young, emerging chefs the same opportunities that chefs working in larger, more well-known restaurants are.  

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Goodwich Kiosk to Transform into Culinary Incubator

Goodwich Kiosk  | Steve Marcus

Goodwich Kiosk | Steve Marcus

After award-winning sandwich shop Goodwich closed its doors, leaving its former parking lot kiosk station for a new location, many locals were upset at losing both such an outstanding concept as well as not having anything to replace it with. Luckily, the owners of the Goodwich have recently announced plans to revive the space, introducing local Vegas residents to a new style of eatery: a culinary incubator. 

Becoming more and more popular nationwide, this incubator kitchen will operate much like others in which new chefs are able to utilize the space as a testing ground before opening their own brick and mortar. Chefs can rent the space for time periods of up to three months, during which time they are able to establish a culinary reputation as well as potentially attract investors.  

“The concept is going to evolve into something where we can showcase local talent and chefs with an idea of something they want to try but don’t have a place to do it,” Goodwich proprietor Josh Clark explained to Las Vegas Weekly.

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