An Inside Look into Dallas' Top Ranked Restaurant, Lucia

Located in Dallas’ booming Bishop Arts District, Lucia is an intimate restaurant with a “neighborhood feel,” a factor that Uyger and his wife found essential in the location. It’s a small enough venue where the staff can have contact with the food and the people. “I can stand at the pass…and I can see every single table,” Uyger says. “I can see when somebody’s done eating, you can see the fun shot when people are sharing some kind of spaghetti or long-cut pasta.”

In this “Table 42” vignette, Uyger takes us into the kitchen at Lucia, where he shows us how to make tagliatelle with mushrooms, boar pancetta, sage, and garlic. The pasta is made of egg yolks and pasta flour and prepared ahead of time so it can rest and hydrate all of the flour. From there, rice flour is added (“to keep from sticking to itself”), and the pasta is laminated. To make the dish, render some of the pancetta until color can be seen, then add mushrooms, turn heat to low, add garlic and then sage, and cook pasta in a rolling boil with salted water. A bit of lemon should be added for good measure before draining the pasta a little bit, and then add Parmigiano Reggiano.

Healthy Restaurant Chains Soar in Dallas

True Food Kitchen  | Yelp, Howard L.

True Food Kitchen | Yelp, Howard L.

Dallas has recently emerged as the capital for healthy restaurant chains, witnessing a surge of these concepts opening over the last several years.  With restaurants like Seasons 52, True Food Kitchen and LYFE Kitchen operating in the city, and Modmarket opening one if its chains in the city late last year, Dallas has a plethora of healthy dining options.  

Several years ago, Dallas witnessed the opening of Start, the city's own home-grown fast food chain that serves dishes featuring a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, alongside limiting dishes with high levels of fat, sugar and sodium.   Unlike some of the city's other healthy takeout chains, such as My Fit Foods, these new healthy restaurants all feature sit-down facilities alongside their healthy dining options.  Read More      

House Ground Burger Patties Catch on in Dallas


In Dallas, more and more restaurants have begun incorporating house-ground burger patties into their menus - and diners are loving it.  As fresh meat tends to taste better when it is ground the same day it is grilled, grinding meat in-house offers diners a more fresh, flavorful burger.  

Local restaurants such as Braindead Brewery, Grub Burger Bar, and Rodeo Goat have each begun featuring house-ground meat.  And the trend is not just reserved for formal dining establishments and many Dallas based fast-casual chains, such as North Dallas' Spork, are also getting in on the action, investing in specialty meat grinders to amplify their burger offerings.

While grinding burgers in-house can take a bit more time and investment, those restaurants who  choose to feature house-ground beef are raising the bar very high for any competition.  Learn more about other Dallas-based restaurants grinding their beef in-house here