Dallas Restaurant Group Snatches Up Prized Location on Greenville Ave

Chef Graham Dodds  | Facebook, Hibiscus

Chef Graham Dodds | Facebook, Hibiscus

One of Dallas' top culinary teams has just picked up another prime piece of real estate to establish yet another concept. Duo Brandon Hays and Phil Schanbaum, the team behind So & So's as well as High Fives, have both announced plans to open the tentatively named Wayward Sons restaurant in former Woodfire Kirby's steakhouse on Greenville Ave.

Heading up the kitchen will be Chef Graham Dodds, who has made quite the reputation for himself in the Dallas culinary scene for his focus on local and seasonal cuisine. How will the new restaurant reflect his culinary style?  Read More

Chef Kent Rathbun to Open 3 New Concepts at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Local Dallas Chef Kent Rathbun announced he will open not one but three new concepts within Dallas Fort Worth Airport. The chef was awarded a contract to open three new restaurants inside DFW's Terminal D: The Lounge at Abacus, KR's Whitetail Bistro and Kent Rathbun's Aviator Bar.

The Lounge at Abacus will feature an eclectic small plate menu, while the Whitetail Bistro will focus on classic French cuisine. The Aviator Bar is set to feature a curated craft beer and wine list alongside some small bites. The concepts are set to open in the airport sometime in 2016 Read More

Dallas Residents Spend Nation's Highest on Eating and Drinking Out

According to a study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dallas-ites lead the nation in spending money and food and alcohol. The study reports residents living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as spending approximately seven percent of their annual income on dining out and one percent of their income on alcoholic beverages purchased while out.

While these statistics may earn locals the reputation of quite the imbibers, the study is great news for any restaurant looking to open in the dynamic market. Read More

Underground Supper Club Attracts Diners in Dallas

Frank Underground Supper Club  | Melissa Hennings

Frank Underground Supper Club | Melissa Hennings

It is undeniable that Dallas has a vibrant culinary scene, yet one restaurant is seeking to set itself apart from the crowd. Preferring to operate underground, hosting a number of city wide pop-ups, Frank Underground has attracted local Dallas diners eager to be apart of the ultra-exclusive dining experience.

While beginning by just word of mouth recommendations, the word quickly spread about the exclusive supper club. With a current email list of over 6,000 loyal patrons, Frank Underground has had no problems in attracting diners to the number of underground dining experiences they hold throughout the year. Read More

Nashville Hot Chicken All the Rage in Dallas

Nashville Hot Chicken at Super Chx  | Yelp, Katherine W.

Nashville Hot Chicken at Super Chx | Yelp, Katherine W.

The Dallas culinary scene is all abuzz lately over a new dish popping up on menus citywide: Nashville hot chicken. Originating in Nashville, unsurprisingly, the regional specialty consists of a fried chicken that has been topped with a spicy oil paste made up of cayenne pepper as well as other spices.

Nashville hot chicken is already featured prominently on menus at three of Dallas' top restaurants, including Rapscallion, Super Chix, and Yard House, although each spot features its own unique interpretation of the dish as well as a range of spice levels. Will Nashville hot chicken make it to menus outside of Dallas? Read More