Vertical Life Farms Looks To Bring Local Produce to South Dallas

While Downtown Dallas may have a thriving culinary scene, only several minutes away, neighboring South Dallas hasn’t fared as well with offering healthy, tasty food options. The area is known familiarly by locals as a “food dessert” for the lack of fresh food available. Enter Alaric Overbey, a businessman who has set out to revive this area’s reputation by establishing Vertical Life Farms, a system of tower gardens operating throughout the city.

These tower gardens are located on rooftops, patios, and balconies throughout Dallas and operate using a vertical aeroponic system. These systems can grow nearly every fruit and vegetable, thereby offering local restaurants and markets an ample supply of fresh, local produce.

Overbey explained to Dallas Weekly, “My goal is to be able to sell as many tower gardens as possible. As a result, I’ll be able to start a much needed food initiative.” Read More

Coffee Byproduct Cascara Quickly Becoming Dallas' Newest Trending Beverage

Coffee culture has gone through a revolution nationwide with a growing number of small, specialty roast houses sourcing sustainably grown beans from around the world. Yet recently in Dallas, another coffee inspired beverage has begun making waves: cascara. A byproduct of coffee harvesting, cascara is made from the fruit that is often discarded during coffee bean harvest. Prepared more like a tea than a coffee drink, cascara offers a smaller amount of caffeine than coffee, but a larger amount of antioxidants. Local Dallas coffee houses and roasters such as Davis Street Espresso and Full City Rooster have each begun offering the beverage to their customers and have noticed a growing consumer interest.

Additionally, coffee purveyors are not the only beverage industry to take an interest in cascara, with Dallas' local brewery Small Brewpub experimenting with utilizing the ingredient in their cascara infused pale ale. Read More

Franconia Brewing Co. Releases Small Batch, "World Tour" Beer Series

Dallas' Franconia Brewing Co. was one of the area's first major breweries and has established a reputation for brewing using traditional German methods. Yet now, the brewery is set to conquer to world with a small batch series of beers that express traditional styles from across the globe. The series is called the "world tour" series and focuses on a variety of international countries' traditional styles and ingredients, offered to the public every three months.

To kick of the series, Franconia began with a traditional English Stout, and is set to follow that release with a Belgian ale in May followed by a champagne ale in August, culminating with a Baltic porter in November. The beers are released in both bottles and kegs, although are incredibly limited. Read More

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen to Open Butcher Board Sandwich Shop

Sugarbacon Culinary Team  | Facebook

Sugarbacon Culinary Team | Facebook

Dallas local favorite Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen is all set to open an off-shoot sandwich concept within its space that will be named Butcher Board. The Sugarbacon team will remain the same, with manager Johnny Carros and chef Jon Thompson still at the helm, although this time offering a more casual, take-out style eatery. 

Chef Thompson explained that the focus of Butcher Board will be on chef-driven sandwiches prepared in a fast casual-esque environment. Yet don't expect this new concept to fall in alongside other similar sandwich shops. 

"It's not the assembly line of toppings, but instead chef-driven fully created sandwiches that you can watch be hand-carved," Thompson was quoted in Dallas CultureMap as stating.  Learn more about the opening here

An Inside Look into Dallas' Top Ranked Restaurant, Lucia

Located in Dallas’ booming Bishop Arts District, Lucia is an intimate restaurant with a “neighborhood feel,” a factor that Uyger and his wife found essential in the location. It’s a small enough venue where the staff can have contact with the food and the people. “I can stand at the pass…and I can see every single table,” Uyger says. “I can see when somebody’s done eating, you can see the fun shot when people are sharing some kind of spaghetti or long-cut pasta.”

In this “Table 42” vignette, Uyger takes us into the kitchen at Lucia, where he shows us how to make tagliatelle with mushrooms, boar pancetta, sage, and garlic. The pasta is made of egg yolks and pasta flour and prepared ahead of time so it can rest and hydrate all of the flour. From there, rice flour is added (“to keep from sticking to itself”), and the pasta is laminated. To make the dish, render some of the pancetta until color can be seen, then add mushrooms, turn heat to low, add garlic and then sage, and cook pasta in a rolling boil with salted water. A bit of lemon should be added for good measure before draining the pasta a little bit, and then add Parmigiano Reggiano.