Bellacosa Wine Co. is All About Lifestyle and Consumer Experience

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Bellacosa which translates to mean a “beautiful thing” in Spanish, is the name of a winery that focuses on the beautiful life experiences it can bring to those who drink it.

On this special episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron is joined by President & CEO of Bellacosa Wine, Dan Cohn, in our live podcast studio set to discuss current wine trends and Cohn’s groundswell tactics.

Son of the famous Bruce Cohn, Dan began to learn the wine business at a young age through his family’s winery. He walked the vineyards, worked in the cellar, and was raised around some wine industry stars – like Helen Turley, Merry Edwards, and Steve MacRostie.

Cohn takes this experience with him to Bellacosa as he created the 2015 Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon to look like $100 bottle, drink like $50 wine, and give it a price point under $25.

Watch this episode of The Barron Report for more insights on how Cohn prices and educates his buyers on the wines, and how he travels around the states to market his brand.


  • 12:40 - Technology in the Wine Industry

  • 13:57 - How to Stand Out Against Competitors

  • 18:32 - State to State Wine Consumption

  • 21:25 - Reduction of Focus on the Napa Vineyards

  • 1:14 - Behind the Cohn Name

  • 3:49 - Focusing on the “Beautiful Thing”

  • 4:57 - Wine Tasting on Set

  • 7:56 - Setting the Stage for Millennial Diners

  • 9:17 - Educating Restaurant Servers and Staff on Your Wine Brand

  • 11:32 - Understanding what Bellacosa Is