Phononic Debuts a Mobile, Sustainable Merchandising Freezer

Current refrigeration and freezing technologies—largely consisting of compressors—have been in use for over a hundred years. However, compressors have a number of sustainability concerns and are typically limited to placement in the back of a store, restaurant, or bar.

Dana Krug, the vice president and general manager of food and beverage for Phononic, aims to change that. Phononic crafts products that use earth-friendly semiconductor chips for solid-state cooling. The refrigerant that Phononic uses is solely composed of water and low pressure carbon dioxide. And this past year, the company released the Phononic F200, a revolutionary merchandising freezer.

“The power consumption is low enough that you can run four of these off of a single breaker,” says Krug. “And it doesn’t take much room on the counter. If I want to have this in a quick serve restaurant, check out lane, or right next to the register, I can do that.”

The branding—composed of magnets and decals—on the Phononic F200 can also be changed in under a minute, allowing for easy rebranding for a new product launch.

One of Phononic’s most successful brand engagements has been with Coolhaus, a women-founded and -led company in the premium ice cream space. “Coolhaus has been one of our best lifting brands so far,” notes Krug.

The Phononic F200 is currently in use in grocery stores, bakeries, bars, restaurants, and a number of mass merchants, and is available in eight different countries through its partnership with Unilever. Krug adds that while he cannot yet say the company’s name, Phononic has also recently partnered with one of the largest compressor companies in the world.

According to Krug, Phononic is currently eyeing mobile delivery possibilities. “You have the ability to move [the Phononic F200] from place to place,” says Krug. “If you want to deliver Coolhaus to your front door, there’s a mechanism.”

Check out the video above to learn more about the technological processes behind the Phononic F200 and what else is ahead for the company.

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Paul Barron

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