Coffee Byproduct Cascara Quickly Becoming Dallas' Newest Trending Beverage

Coffee culture has gone through a revolution nationwide with a growing number of small, specialty roast houses sourcing sustainably grown beans from around the world. Yet recently in Dallas, another coffee inspired beverage has begun making waves: cascara. A byproduct of coffee harvesting, cascara is made from the fruit that is often discarded during coffee bean harvest. Prepared more like a tea than a coffee drink, cascara offers a smaller amount of caffeine than coffee, but a larger amount of antioxidants. Local Dallas coffee houses and roasters such as Davis Street Espresso and Full City Rooster have each begun offering the beverage to their customers and have noticed a growing consumer interest.

Additionally, coffee purveyors are not the only beverage industry to take an interest in cascara, with Dallas' local brewery Small Brewpub experimenting with utilizing the ingredient in their cascara infused pale ale. Read More