DoorDash is Using Its Technology to Give Back to the Needy

DoorDash is Using Its Technology to Give Back to the Needy

By law, restaurant owners cannot serve leftover food to guests the following day. So, what is a chef or restaurateur to do with all the extra food?

You could always have employees take some home, but what if you still have more after that?

According to “Fast Company,” “An average restaurant might waste 100,000 pounds of foods a year.”

Enter DoorDash. This food delivery company is using its algorithm to help restaurant owners with a surplus of food finding a person to deliver it to the nearest shelter caring for hungry homeless people, for example.

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Delivery Start Up Companies Booming in Seattle

In Seattle, a number of food-delivery startups have begun appearing throughout the city, resulting in a boom in these services. Whether locally developed or imported from elsewhere in the nation, these delivery companies are drawn to the city due to the growing population of workers in the tech-industry who seem to have more money on hand than time. These delivery services act to save these workers valuable time by delivering them hot, fresh meals from many of the city's top restaurants.

In addition, many local companies have begun utilizing these services as well for staff meal deliveries as well as grocery service delivery options to restock the office's kitchens from local supermarkets. Learn more about the booming food delivery service industry here

SpoonRocket food delivery app begins service in Seattle

SpoonRocket Delivery Services  | Facebook

SpoonRocket Delivery Services | Facebook

San Francisco based startup SpoonRocket has begun offering its food delivery services to the city of Seattle. Partnering with several local restaurants, SpoonRocket introduced lunch time deliveries to the University of Washington campus in Seattle, joining the ranks of a number of other fellow delivery providers offering their services in the city. 

Yet while there are several food delivery services currently operating within Seattle, SpoonRocket plans to set itself apart from the pack by promising both the lowest delivery fee and fastest delivery time.  Currently, SpoonRocket offers food delivery in under ten minutes, made possible by offering only limited number of menu items.  The delivery service also utilizes special heating equipment within their delivery vehicles to ensure the food will remain fresh and warm upon delivery.

With over 600,000 restaurants in the United States, SpoonRocket is one of many food delivery apps that are beginning to emerge with the goal of connecting consumers to more food options. 

Learn more about SpoonRocket's food delivery services here