Top 16 Colorado Breweries See Continued Growth

Colorado's top breweries continue to see record levels of growth for another year, with 16 of the larger breweries enjoying a boom in sales. The top ranked Colorado brewer in terms of size, New Belgium, clocked in with a whopping 259,261 more barrels than the other top 15 breweries combined. New Belgium Brewery is also ranked as the fourth largest craft brewery in the United States and has plans to open a 100,000 square foot distribution center in North Carolina next year where it will produce a whopping 500,000 barrels per year.

In total, all 16 breweries produced over 1.6 million barrels of beer in 2014, with the number continuing to rise in 2015.

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Will 2016 Mark the End of Denver's Craft Beer Boom?


Over the last several years, Denver has undergone an unprecedented growth in the city's craft beer scene, with each year beating the last in numbers of new brewery openings. However, according to a recent article, experts predict that while 2015 will indeed surpass 2014 in number of openings, 2016 may not be able to match the rapid pace.

There are several new breweries set to open in the near future, however nowhere near the number of breweries that have opened over the last few years. Denver has even lost several breweries who have relocated or been forced to close. Will 2016 mark the end of Denver's craft beer boom? Read More

New Belgium to Open Sour Brewery Inside The Source Hotel

New Belgium Brewery  | Facebook

New Belgium Brewery | Facebook

Colorado's largest brewery New Belgium has just announced plans to open a pilot brewery that will brew only sour beers inside the upcoming Source Hotel in 2017. The experimental brewery plans to brew its sour beers in a ten barrel brewery on the ground floor of the hotel while aging the beers in barrels in a lounge located on the eighth floor where it will also serve food inside of a beer garden. 

The brewery will join a number of other local restaurants and shops set to open within the eagerly awaited hotel and the sour beers brewed at this location will also be served at the various restaurants and bars within the Source Hotel and the market hall. Read More

Denver Breweries Take Inspiration from Literature

Our Mutual Friend Brewery  | Facebook

Our Mutual Friend Brewery | Facebook

Two Denver based breweries, Fiction Beer Company and Our Mutual Friend, have embraced a new trend amongst Colorado breweries of taking inspiration from literature in crafting their brand image and brewery atmosphere.

At Denver’s Our Mutual Friend Brewery, bookshelves surround the taps and on the walls hang framed copies of famous excerpts taken from a variety of classic literature.   At Fiction Beer Company, the bar rests on a stack of books and the tap handles are made from book spines.   Beer names at both breweries are plucked straight from the pages of classic literary works, such as Little Red Cap, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.

Arguing that beer can inspire writers as much as writers can inspire beer, these breweries hope to emulate the classic pub atmosphere by creating an environment where storytelling is key and as a result, these breweries have become gathering spots for book clubs and writers groups with local libraries reaching out for possible collaborations. 

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Beer Hall Trend Starts in Denver

Bocce Ball Courts at RheinHaus Seattle Location  | YELP

Bocce Ball Courts at RheinHaus Seattle Location | YELP

The Bavarian beer hall known as RheinHaus is coming to Denver this spring and it will be occupying the 14,000 square foot space on 14th and Market street. The hall will be serving German biergarten with bratwurst, pretzels & schnitzels and for the guest's entertainment there will be bocce ball courts. Seattle RheinHaus has been experiencing success since opening last year. Restaurateurs Deming Maclise and James Weimann choose to open another location in Denver because of the younger population. Denver is the no. 1 destination for the millennial generation, according to the Brooking Institution. 

Beer halls were names one of the next big trends in the restaurant industry, according to 2015 Food Trends Index from AF&Co. It seems fitting for this trend to start in this young city. Consumers are seeking out restaurants that not only offer a tasty menu, but also some entertainment. Do you think this is the start of the many beer halls to come? Read More