Denver Restaurants Experiment with Multi-Concept, Small Space Units

The Signature "Cart-Driver Pizza"  | Facebook

The Signature "Cart-Driver Pizza" | Facebook

With Denver's ongoing restaurant boom, restaurant owners and chefs are looking for ways to stand out amongst the masses while ensuring they meet their bottom line as well. For one Denver concept, the solution was to inside a 600-square-foot facility. Located in Denver's River North neighborhood, Cart-Driver is no small operation. While only able to fit approximately 25 people inside at one time, the restaurant offers an ambitious lunch and dinner program featuring a number of pizzas topped with locally sourced ingredients.

Within their first year of opening, Cart-Driver reported a 21 percent profit and had managed to keep labor costs below 25 percent of expenses. While the restaurant concept may seem to be a unique case, their success offers an interesting alternative for other restaurants who could use small spaces in similar ways, or perhaps even join with other concepts to share the rent of one larger space. Read More

Will 2016 Mark the End of Denver's Craft Beer Boom?


Over the last several years, Denver has undergone an unprecedented growth in the city's craft beer scene, with each year beating the last in numbers of new brewery openings. However, according to a recent article, experts predict that while 2015 will indeed surpass 2014 in number of openings, 2016 may not be able to match the rapid pace.

There are several new breweries set to open in the near future, however nowhere near the number of breweries that have opened over the last few years. Denver has even lost several breweries who have relocated or been forced to close. Will 2016 mark the end of Denver's craft beer boom? Read More

Foodee Concierge Service Caters to Local Businesses

Office Delivery  | Yelp, Foodee

Office Delivery | Yelp, Foodee

This month, Denver welcomed Foodee, a food concierge service that caters to local businesses. Offering curated meals from a number of local restaurants that are available not just for employee lunch breaks, but also for company sponsored events and boardroom meetings, Foodee is looking to re-invent the culture of company meals.

Foodee currently only delivers to companies who have set up accounts with them versus individual diners. In addition, Foodee is also working to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by using biodegradable packaging, low emission delivery services, and starting a number of in-office composting programs. Read More

Wild Flour Bakery Supplies Gluten Free Dough to Denver's Top Pizzerias

Colorado's culinary scene is ultra competitive so for a pizzeria to decide to start using gluten free dough, they need to feature only the best. Wild Flour Bakery opened in Boulder less than two years ago to fulfill that need and has been providing gluten free dough to Denver and Boulder's top pizzerias ever since.  

Founder Kim Desch studied autoimmune diseases and gluten-sensitivity before opening her bakery and as such, Wild Flour looks to feature only soy-free and egg-free products.  In addition, Desch uses natural yeasts in her dough, which unlike many gluten free products, ensures character and consistency that allows for pizza crusts to become light and airy.    

Selling finished dough balls to individual restaurants, Wild Flour also provides dry mix for restaurants to make their own gluten free dough.  Clients include Pizzeria Locale, Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse, Bru Handbuilt Ales and Eats, and the Gondolier. Read More

Honor Society Restaurant Looks to Push the Bounds of Fast Casual

Honor Society - Coming Soon  | Facebook

Honor Society - Coming Soon | Facebook

Denver's fast-casual scene  is undoubtedly one of the nation's finest, with a number of nationwide fast casual operator hailing from the city.  Despite this overwhelming number of fast casual concepts, it seems more and more continue to open in Denver every day.  A newcomer to the Denver culinary scene, Honor Society is also looking to get in on the action - yet in a completely unique way.  

Hoping to elevate the category of fast casual, Honor Society looks to feature a seasonal, chef driven menu that includes dishes such as sustainable Scottish salmon, grilled flank steak, organic fire-roasted carrots, and gluten free macaroni - yet at the same price and service speed offered at a fast-casual.  In addition, Honor Society will also feature a full bar, serving up a number of unique, craft cocktails.  

Will these traditionally white table cloth style dining trends catch on in the fast casual world? Read More