Why These Food Tech Companies Failed

Why These Food Tech Companies Failed

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

Five years ago, it seemed like every entrepreneur wanted a piece of the food tech pie. Once PostMates launched in 2011 and GrubHub and Seamless merged in 2013, thousands of food-focused technology companies were on the lookout for funding.

The future looked bright as many of these companies raised millions. Fast forward to 2016, several of these well-funded startups have been forced to throw in the towel.

But, why did these companies fail in the first place? Especially when many of which seemed to be on track to succeed?


This on-demand pre-made meal delivery startup announced in mid-march that it was closing up shop. Although the company had raised $13.5 million, it wasn’t enough to fund the costs to continue operating. 

So, why couldn’t SpoonRocket stay afloat?

The Fierce Competition 

By 2016, SpoonRocket was one of the many on-demand food delivery services on the market. DoorDash, PostMates, Caviar, GrubHub and even Amazon were rapidly spreading to different cities. 

Investors interested in the third-party delivery sector had more options to choose from.

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Dinner Lab Arrives in Phoenix

Dinner Lab Menu  | Facebook

Dinner Lab Menu | Facebook

With a presence in 26 cities across the country, New Orleans based Dinner Lab is set to arrive in Phoenix in April.  Dinner Lab is known best for hosting a series of pop up meals in a number of nontraditional venues.  Menus and locations are never repeated and the multi-course meals are specially created by a select group of local chefs who seek to give diners a truly unique culinary experience. 

New to Phoenix, Dinner Lab plans to host monthly offerings to its members, featuring a communal dining format meant to foster interaction and to strengthen the local foodie community.  Alongside offering truly unique dining experiences, Dinner Lab also seeks to develop local culinary talent and guests are able to rate their meals and give chefs critical feedback crucial to their culinary development.   

While the exact location will only be released the day before the dinner, buzz about Dinner Lab’s arrival is already at a high within Phoenix’s local community. 

Learn more about Dinner Lab’s move to Phoenix here

Pop-up Restaurant Membership Club Expands Denver

New Orleans-based Dinner Lab migrates over to Denver. Dinner Lab was started by Brian Bordainick and what makes this pop-up company different is they offer an annual membership. Members are able to attend regularly scheduled pop-up dinner events.

About 50 % of chefs participating are local and they are able to get creative, by choosing what they will serve that night. These courses are by up-and-coming chefs. The chefs are scored by the diners on their presentation and the execution of each dish. These events are often held in unconventional dining places, such as churches, empty warehouses, and even museums. Read More 

Kicking Off Tonight, Dinner Lab Makes Its Way to Miami

Adventurous diners, listen up! Dinner Lab, a private, members-only supper club, is kicking off tonight for the first time in Miami. This foodie movement already has presence – or plans to build presence within 2014 – in Austin, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, D.C., and Atlanta. 

Dinner venues are typically in out-of-the-box places, like abandoned churches and outdoor lots. And like the venue, which isn’t announced until right before the event, dishes and culinary style are all a surprise until guests arrive. Aside from trying new things and bringing local foodies together, Dinner Lab aims to give emerging chefs exposure. Read More

Dinner Lab: The Supper Club 2.0

Undiscovered chefs and adventurous diners alike are enjoying the newest type of supper club: the Dinner Lab. The next generation of pop-up restaurants, Dinner Lab takes aspiring chefs and gives them a chance to create their own menu and test it out on diners. Strangers gather together, usually in an unexpected place like a paper mill or motorcycle dealership, and dine on one-of-a-kind dishes. Literally, the same dish will never be recreated. One of the coolest aspects of Dinner Lab is the constantly changing locations, chefs and themes. Read More