Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle Stepping Down

Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle Stepping Down

After eight years leading the largest U.S pizza chain, Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle has announced he will be stepping down on June 30th. Doyle is widely regarded as the leader of a groundbreaking turnaround at Domino’s, as supported by chairman of the board David Brandon.

“Patrick excelled at every role he served at Domino's for more than 20 years, and during the past eight he distinguished himself as one of the best leaders in the restaurant industry,” Brandon said in a statement.

Under Doyle’s leadership, the Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Domino’s opened more than 5,500 stores and launched in more than a dozen new countries.

Domino’s reworked their pizza recipe in 2009 when Doyle was president of the chain, a move that marks the beginning of Domino's rise to the top. Since becoming CEO he has overseen many exciting campaigns such as the world’s first drone pizza delivery and allowing customers to order with a pizza emoji.

When taking on the CEO position in 2010, Doyle had set three goals for himself.

“I wanted us to become the No. 1 pizza company in the world; I wanted Domino’s to provide our franchisees with the best possible return on their investment by creating a dramatically better experience for our customers; and I wanted to have a leadership team in place that would be ready to create even better results into the future. I’m proud to say that we’ve accomplished all of those goals, and I will leave Domino’s knowing that it is in great hands,” said Doyle in a statement.

According to Reuters, shares in Domino’s fell 2.8 percent to $201 in aftermarket trading, following news of Doyle’s pending departure.

Doyle has dismissed rumors that he might move to Chipotle after founder Steve Ells stepped down into the executive chairman role in November and, instead, has shared plans to take a 6-month break to consider his future plans. Richard Allison, president of Domino’s International, will take over as CEO.

Read more about Domino’s new leadership team on “Nation’s Restaurant News.”

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Will Pizza Survive The Delivery Boom?

Will they? In short, yes.  Pizza is not going anywhere.  It is still one of America's favorite foods for get-togethers, events, movie night, or cheap food on the fly.  But, like many other sectors in the foodservice arena, we see a shift.  Foodable Labs tracks over six million influencers and over 100 pizza chains.  Our data shows that pizza delivery over the last year is down, 12.8 percent to be exact, among 18 to 34-year-olds.  What is causing the slip?  Watch the video for more! 


Why 2016 Was a Great Year for the Pizza Industry

Pizza has been an American stable for as long as most people can remember. It's usually affordable, convenient, tasty, offers variety, and can feed large numbers,

Because of all of this, when the economy is sluggish, pizza sales usually see a jump. While, other segments see less success.

2016 was an unsteady year for restaurants with the presidential election. Not to mention, the competition from low commodity prices making grocery prices much lower. 

However, 2016 was a great year for pizza chains. 

Domino's, for example, saw same-store sales spike by 13% in the most recent quarter. The chain's shares are up by 45% this year.

Papa John's also performed well. This pizza chain saw an increase, with 5.5% growth in same-store sales in North American and its shares are up by a whopping 60%. 

We already mentioned many of the reasons why the pizza segment continues to thrive in a slower market, but there was another element at play here in 2016. Technology. 

"The reasons are pizza is cheap, fast and increasingly easy to get -- thanks to user-friendly mobile-ordering apps and technology that lets diners order from Facebook, Twitter and Apple TV. That's helped insulate pizza chains from a shift away from eating out," writes "AdAge."

So the brands that are ahead of the curve in terms of app technology, like Domino's, saw even more of an increase in sales. 

"Restaurants that have succeeded this year have been the ones that have addressed convenience," said Stephen Anderson, an analyst at Maxim Group to "AdAge." "The pizza chains have done a good job at this."

So will other quick-serve giants take a page out of the pizza chain's book to catch up? 

It looks like 2017 is going to be a busy year for restaurant brands. Both McDonald's and Wendy's are making a big push to incorporate convenient technologies. 

"McDonald's Corp., the world's biggest restaurant company, said last week it's testing delivery service at about 200 Florida locations. It also still doesn't have a nationwide loyalty program, which pizza chains have used to keep customers coming back.," writes "AdAge."

"Wendy's says it's working on mobile ordering. And while Panera Bread offers so-called Rapid Pick-Up, where customers can order ahead and quickly grab food off a dedicated shelf, the technology is still a far cry from the likes of Domino's."

Will these other chains perform better after implementing newer technologies? Read more

Big Restaurant Brands that Have the Most Distinctive Social Media Voices

Big Restaurant Brands that Have the Most Distinctive Social Media Voices

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

Social media platforms provide more than just entertainment to users, they are an outlet for them to engage with others and also voice their opinions.

From a brand perspective, when Facebook propelled the social media realm in 2007, it quickly became another platform for brands to share promotions. But today, it’s a whole different animal.

Not only are there so many web-based technologies including, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, and Facebook, but brand’s need to develop and maintain a digital voice that appeals to their customer-base.

It’s not easy to juggle multiple channels and keep up with an especially active audience on social media, but some brands have figured out the secret sauce in their social media strategy.

Let’s take a look at the big brands with the most unique and engaging social voice.

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How Domino's Become The Most Popular Pizza Brand in India

Domino's Cheese Burst pizza offered in India  | Facebook, Domino's Pizza India

Domino's Cheese Burst pizza offered in India | Facebook, Domino's Pizza India

How can a brand, with a recipe for success in one market, expand and achieve success in another foreign market?

Well, it is not easy for a restaurant to reinvent itself to cater to a different demographic, but if  the brand does the appropriate local research– it could created a prosperous concept for that region. 

In India, Dominos has completely transformed the concept to appeal to the local demographic, and here are some of the reasons how–

  • By remaking the pizza with the most efficient ingredients to lower prices.
  • Offering a larger dining space to accommodate the families dining out.
  • Determining the best locations and the laying out the best and fastest delivery routes.
  • Incorporating local dishes to the menu. 

Read more about the pizza mogul has found the perfect balance of being still cool and Western, while serving the local needs.