How Pei Wei’s Clean-Label Initiative is Pushing Menu Transparency in the Restaurant Industry

Pei Wei first opened their doors in 2000, arising from the culinary experts at P.F. Chang’s. The restaurant serves authentic, Asian-inspired dishes and prides itself on not compromising freshness for speed of service.

The fast casual chain has recently submitted a Citizen Petition under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, requesting that the FDA Commissioner amend an existing provision to require restaurants to affirmatively substantiate their nutritional claims by disclosing the recipe or formula for their standard menu items.

This follows Pei Wei’s introduction of the Wei it Forward clean-label initiative that exemplifies the chain’s strong belief that food should be made with fresh, wholesome ingredients while empowering consumers to make smarter choices.

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron is joined by Chief Marketing Officer of Pei Wei, Brandon Solano, to discuss Pei Wei’s clean-label initiative and supply chain challenges that go along with it.

Listen to this episode of The Barron Report for more insights on how Pei Wei is communicating its initiative via social media and the future for the rest of the industry.


  • 13:12 - This is Now the Table Stakes

  • 16:14 - The Tipping Point for the Rest of the Industry

  • 18:07 - Is the Supply Chain Moving in this Direction?

  • 24:07 - Pei Wei Tiger’s Social Media Communicating in an Authentic Way

  • 1:14 - How Brandon Solano became Chief Marketing Officer of Top Fast Casual Chain

  • 3:43 - Why Pei Wei Petitioned the FDA on Menu Transparency

  • 6:04 - 18-Month Timeline For Consumer Visibility

  • 8:04 - Becoming a Thought Leader in Clean Label